Sharon Mundia

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  • Mwangijurist

    judicial activism,,,the more things change the more they remain the same .

  • Anonymous

    What an absurd and irrational ruling. This ‘new’ Judiciary is going to destroy Kenya. Did this judge look at the merits of the Govt’s case, or was he taken in by NEP politics given that he is from the region? It is better to dissolve the Govt now and we go for elections with the current constituencies. The new National Assembly should then amend the constitution to take away some of the powers from the judiciary as it is becoming too liberal and has been taken over by NGO’s and judicial activists.

  • Pratt

    Court has just legitimized illegal immigrants. It looks like our courts are now free to ignore enormous security issues with no more than stroke of pen. Converting seemingly non-Kenyans to Kenyans while pretending to be making judicial ruling is totally unacceptable. Infact, the government should simply ignore the illogical ruling. Courts are not supposed to threaten security and sovereignty of the country. Its now obvious judiciary needs very clear swift surgery.

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