#TechTalk: Artist creates Van Gogh-inspired glowing bike path


Glowing bike path 3
You’ve got to give it to the creatives of this world.

Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artist and designer, has come up with an idea as genius as it is gorgeous.

Glowing bike path 1

In an effort to promote biking and highlight art, the innovator created a solar powered, glow-in-the-dark bike path.

What’s particularly interesting about this kilometer-long path is that it looks a lot like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and happens to be situated in the Dutch County (Brabant) where Gogh was born and raised – a modern day ode to the famous painter indeed.

For the artists reading this, hope this inspires you to create something similar in your home countries! There’s always more room for art in this world – especially when it comes in the form of glowing bike paths.

Glowing bike path 4

Glowing bike path 2


Sharon Mundia

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