Setting up a successful exercise programme as a novice

Runners jogging in park
Runners jogging in park

(By Beatrice Chan) Are you a complete novice in fitness wanting to get into shape? First, you have to learn what it takes to set up a successful exercise programme.

Wanting to exercise is a great desire to have, because of the proven benefits of how fitness improves your overall health and affects your body.

Keeping yourself disciplined on the other hand might be a challenging task for some more than others. Sometimes, the idea of working out feels great in your head, but once you’re on that treadmill you might feel like throwing in the towel.

You might not have thought about all the implications – the sweating, the sore muscles the following day, the constant balance you require in life to have to prioritise your workout. Don’t be too hard on yourself though if you feel demotivated after a few days of starting to work out.

Not everybody is successful the first time around. It takes motivation and a good dose of self-discipline to stick to exercise, especially if you’re a novice at this.

Setting up a successful exercise programme is the foundation of achieving your fitness goals. With a few simple steps, you can start climbing up the levels on the fitness ladder.

Consult your doctor

As a beginner or if you have not exercised in a long time, you want to ensure that you talk to your health provider before attempting any exercise routine. This is particularly recommended if you have any health concerns or past injuries.

Baby steps

No matter how determined and enthusiastic you are at the beginning, remember to take it easy. As much as you feel excited about getting into shape and turning over a new leaf by working out, it’s in your best interests to build up your fitness level gradually. You do not want to overdo it because it will leave you feeling the opposite of successful and you may even feel like giving up on exercise altogether.

Schedule it in

A successful exercise programme is one that becomes an ongoing priority in your life. Regardless of your other activities and lifestyle, make time in your diary for your workout. Find ways to organise this strategically. Too tired after being at the office all day to exercise? Have a morning jog or swim. Do you have dogs that need to be walker regularly? Combine it with running or even cycling while they follow you.

Love what you do

The easiest way to give up is to start something that bores you to death or that you absolutely do not like. Exercise needs to bring you joy, something that you look forward to. You will definitely be more successful at sticking with your exercise programme if you enjoy what you do. If you love dancing, incorporate this into your cardio workout. Use music that makes you happy. Do exercise that makes you feel good and excited while you’re doing it.

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