Arrange play dates for your kids and burn calories



by Shenrina Badri

Children tend to be active and somehow their energy levels seem to be even more intense when around other children, especially their friends. So consider using this as an ideal opportunity to get a few of your children’s friends together (for a play date) and get involved with them – by playing games and doing outdoor activities together.

For example, set a timer and when it goes off run and try to catch the children whilst they run away from you. Reward them and take turns being the catcher, or else they may get bored very easily.

The more active you are, the more calories you burn

You could also play a sport with them such as cricket, soccer etc or even teach them a new sport. Just remember to choose active and interesting sports that are appropriate to children of the age group that are present.

Walk more

If the children stay in relatively close proximity to your house, then offer to fetch or drop them off or perhaps even both. Opt to walk instead of travelling by vehicle in order to increase the number of calories you burn.



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