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  • Jane

    Good. Sincerly this lady is being witch hunded. Mass rapists and murderers are serving in high offices and they want to sack her for nose pincing. No way

    • Haiya

      were you raped please by either of them? can you attest to that in a court of law

    • Pratt

      You are being totally naive. This is new order sister! And remember Baraza was chosen supposedly because of her  “well refined reform credentials.” I guess attacking innocent guards is part of that well recognized reform! She is now saying that JSC took action on basis of “two women fighting in a market place!” Does that really sound judicial? Does that sound coming from Deputy Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya or from a dimwit hawker? Someone might be going nuts here!!!!

  • Anita233

    The person that needs a tribunal to be removed from office if Githu Miugai,

    • tame

      there are as many opinions on legal issues as there are lawyers if you area not one dont display you dimwits here!

  • Misconduct or misbehaviour is not allowed in the Judiciary or any other profession. It is worse when one is a senior public official and a judge for that matter. However, suspensions, interdiction and investivation are part and parcel of work, thus I simply don’t get it- what is Madam so afraid of. Just face the tribunal, argue your case (you have good lawyers) and you can win. If you lose, it is no big deal as so many have lost before and many more will loss in the future. I wish you just went quiet, lie low and noticed that things have changed in this country. These antics will work against you and it will soon come to an end regardless of how long you continue. Your destiny is in your hands and it is unfortunate your blow-it off yourself. Kindly, please kindly stop waisting your time. Face the tribunal if you are sure you are as clean as cotton but your fear makes me wonder if this is the case. Mind you- everything from your childhood upto now will be laid bare in public for all to see and really wonder if you will make it. For your information if you fought over a boyfriend before, had many boyfriends, self-centerd, slapped or beat any person, hot tempered, easily annoyed, insulted someone et al. Very few had dared, so dear sister take off in peace. You can as well go back to the NGO world or lecture hall. We really loved you but you disappointed us. Now we just wonder why you are not seeing the end of your career as DCJ. Madam it is over. Take your pension or face the tribunal and lose everything.

    • Josephmugambi

      But can we trust lawyers who are bankrupt to deliver justice

      Former Kikuyu mp Paul Kibugi Muite has a new battle on his hands. there
      was drama at Muite’s family home in Karen when auctioneers moved in to
      secure his property against an outstanding loan. Personal effects were
      strewn all around the house. Paul Muite accused unnamed political
      opponents of being behind his woes. Muite who was accompanied by lawyer
      Milton Mugambi Imanyara described the whole episode as despicable and
      immoral. but the former legislator concedes that he has an outstanding
      loan owed to the national bank of Kenya

      • Public office nowadays require high standard of moral, integrity and behavour. While it is true that some lawyers had problems with their clients as well as borrowing and not paying on time, things are tough for them and most of us nowadays- so we have to pay up or otherwise LSK and other professional bodies/EACC will come knocking and we can’t practice. It is worse if you want a public post. So may someone slowly and clearly state to my sister Nancy that she is wasting her time and money to fight a losing battle. Do the Honourable thing and quit or wait to embarras yourself. Whether Njoki Ndungu gets the post is no big deal- one of my own was there and screwed it up herself, imagine through a small minor incident that should not have happened at all. You know it hurts so much and it pains us in a very negative way. Even the Chief Justice came from the NGO world but you can see he is level headed, humble. Even if the post is advertised again, like it will be done, my sister will not get it. Remember some humble judges couldnot get higher posts being accused of running their courts like Kangaroo courts and not even refusing to be screened and pinching. It really hurts, bwana. 

  • Johnkinusa

    Look at who is working very hard on the baraza case, Paul Muite, Githu Muigai , Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere  and if she gets fired the one who benefits is Njonki Ndugu……….does any one smell a rat

    • tame

      DONT BE SILLY Kinusa whats wrong with you who started the whole inquiry is it not the C.J is Kerubo a Kikuyu you are such a smeely idiot!

    • Hold on John- that is purely offside. The fact of the matter is a small incident happened and a tribunal formed as required by Law. How on earth does one learned friend moves to high court to stop the tribunal from investigating her. What is there to be hidden- some skeleton to be exposed and laid bare for all to see. It is Luhya vs Kikuyus it is simply right vs wrong. If this sister of mind still believes that she will retain her DCJ post, then she is day dreaming. Chunga opted to resign. Lawyer Miller couldnot be confirmed for a public post having been accused of a small domestic issue. Humility pays and Hon. DCJ will just blame herself. Simple things have fallen giants before. Her antics are making matters worse rather helping her case.

    • You are an idiot tribalist

    • tame

      typically kinusa thats how you guys think …… but sorry we wont have mischievous people run the judiciary if its Njoki so be it , whats wrong with that don’t be a tribalist here she is actually more appealing by all means!

    • Patty

      Thinking like an idiot. always seeing things from a tribal perspective

    • Pratt

      If you mess up yourself pal, please dont blame others. Baraza’s conduct was obviously below a well groomed judicial officer, and moreso, high ranking. She maliciously insulted her office, her self and the whole judiciary. How can that be excused or pinned on other people? Kindly stop the tribal talk. What harm was there in opening her hand bag? But as usual, as with some of us, once you get a high office, you “become too big” to follow the law! The lady justice is just wasting our resources and time, she wont escape this one. Its too clear cut pal! 

  • Collectplan

    nancy resign and go live as a hermit . you will not be missed, nose twisting conceited lady

  • Francowan

    Imagine someone pinching you in public just because you are doing your job. Imagine one day Kibaki appears in a bank when you are a teller, u request him to queue like others, he just gives you a pinch in the banking hall leave alone pointing with a gun. some scenes are painful and should only happen in a movie. 

    • Worriedcitizen

      Also imagine sone one sitting in a meeting with an outlawed gang and making plans on how do hack citizens. Then the same person wants to lead a country. which is worse threatening with a gun or cutting of heads of babies women and men in order too hold onto power. Who omong these two deserves to be fored

      • Worriedcitizen both scenarios are wrong and if anyone has done so they should face the full force of the law. No one is or should be above the law and thank God this hideous monster called impunity is on its last legs. God bless Kenya!

  • Mkenya

    I think nancy baraza has a right to fight like anybody else. Furthermore, she is a lawyer. I don’t see anything wrong with her moves. can law be applied without favour to all of us..

  • just go home!!! you abused the married couple and caused her unwarranted shame, …………. shame on you!

  • what impunity

  • what corruption because justice is delayed!

  • Memba67

    If she was a K then Kibaki  couldn’t have even bothered to appoint a tribunal, she is a luhya. See how the PNU guys are behind her butt. They want to see that office filled by  a K

    • Pratt

      You are trying to justify illogic. What would you say then if this Kerubo lady was a Kikuyu? You would perhaps cook up some more illogical tribal stuff, right? If you inflict problems on yourself, there is nothing tribal about your insanity, just rush to the nearest Doctor regardless of whether is a Kikuyu or not!!!!

  • Nash

    Let justice take its course.

  • It is just too shameful…That public funds is going to be wasted on tribunal for two women quarelling in a market place..Such pettiness….If she was from Mount Kenya…..

    • MountKenyaclique

      If she was from Mt. Kenya my friend she would be innocent until proven guilty. The AG and DPP would lobby to have her case moved from the high court to the magistrates court in Gikomba. They would also clarify that she can continue serving in her office. Meanwhile she would have a big prayer meeting where she would announce her intention to stand foe presidency because it is her human right

    • Pratt

      This is hate speech pal! I guess she was told by Mt Kenyans  to twist other people’s noses? Whats the matter with you? If you have been told not to work untill your folks take over power, are you supposed to blame that on Mt. Kenyans? Is it not true the small groups in every major town are jobless followers of one politician? And how come every time they lose their jobs, because of illogical politics, they go out to campaign for him and amongst themselves? Senseless! Tribalism and poisonous propaganda wont lead you to anywhere. People have to learn how to handle their self-inflicted problems without blaming others. Spewing hatred just because every other car is owned by Mt Kenyan wont help you, stop the empty politics and get down to work, it will pay!   And if you dont have anything to say please shut up, after all silence is golden!

  • I agree with you entirely Pratt, Memba67 is either daft or playing daft. Something that happened so openly and clearly is now being tribalised. Baraza should have resigned ages ago as per the requirements of public office, but instead has retreated to her tribal enclave and is attempting to play politics. Am afraid these are the last kicks of the dying horse called impunity!

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