The secrets of being skinny like French women…

french diet 2

…assuming you’d like to look like a skinny, French woman.

(By Beatrice Chan) With a cuisine rich in cream, butter and wine, it is a wonder how French women manage to stay ‘svelte’. Would you like to know their secrets?

French diet

The French diet consists of all things gourmet. With their Michelin Chefs and indulgence of butter in cooking most dishes, the French are internationally renowned for their gastronomy. When you think about it, they seem to get away with drinking wine (high in refined calories), cooking with butter (fattening), eating croissants and an assortment of French pastries (refined white flour!). One look at most women in France will kill any claim that one should not eat pastries, cream, butter or drink wine daily. They are slim, skinny and to top it all, it seems they don’t seem to be doing intense cardio or spending every spare hour at the gym. Do you wonder how they do it? Have you ever wondered why?

french diet

The secrets revealed!

  1. French women eat in moderation and chew every bite slowly. Doing this, their brain registers that they are fuller quicker.
  2. French women eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, bought daily, on foot or by bicycle.
  3. French women often bake their own bread or make pies from scratch, therefore making them exert themselves in the kitchen. Not a bad way to sneak a workout!
  4. French women walk everywhere and anywhere. Walking is a good form of exercise while getting errands done.
  5. French women enjoy nature and being outdoors (they walk there too)
  6. French women ride bicycles as a mode of transport rather than a car. This helps tone the legs, thighs and also shapes the buttocks nicely.
  7. French women rarely use lifts or escalators, preferring to use the stairs instead
  8. French women know the art of French kissing (the French kiss burns five calories per minute as opposed to two calories from any normal kiss)
  9. French women carry their groceries (arm toning), while walking (more exercise)
  10. French women turn chores into a workout, they embrace them and do them with positive energy
  11. French women spend time working in the garden, which gives them a gentle workout and limits sitting at the same time.
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