Mariah Carey teams up with MAC Cosmetics

Mariah Carey MAC Lippie 1

Mariah Carey has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics.

The 45-year-old singer has partnered up with the global beauty brand to launch the new ’90s inspired shimmery nude lipstick entitled ‘All I Want’, just in time for Christmas.

Speaking about why she chose to steer away from the typical red lip for the festive season, she told Yahoo! Beauty: “Well, I wanted something different for the holidays. It’s not a red lip; it’s actually a champagne shimmer with a frost texture. I wanted to go away from the typical red lip that everybody usually does for Christmas. It’s really beautiful.”

Mariah Carey MAC Lippie 2

And the name of the product was something the ‘All I Want For Christmas’ hitmaker had no problem coming up with.

She explained: “‘All I Want’ is such an evergreen song for me, and it’s a natural name for the lipstick.”

Meanwhile, the stunning lipstick isn’t the only thing Mariah is working on with MAC as she’s also in talks to bring out an entire collection in the near future.

She teased: “We’re not talking about it too much yet. [The products] will work with that lip, and they’re all kind of in that vein. But I can’t talk too much about it or they’ll kill me.”

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