Adopt a mindset of abundance


by Beatrice Chan

We all want to thrive, not merely exist. One of the best ways to do that is to train our eyes to see beauty and abundance in every life stage.

Whatever we think most often becomes our mindset, which determines whether we see the glass as half empty or half full.

If you come from a scarcity mindset, then you are more likely to focus on how little you have and therefore feel dissatisfied. On the other hand, having a mindset of abundance will make you soar above focusing on what you don’t have. You will count all things as blessings, appreciate what you have, not take anything for granted and be at peace with whatever you have and wherever you are in life.

Change your mindset

There is a way to train your mind gradually to see the beauty and abundance in your life, regardless of your circumstances. It will not change overnight, but, with small steps, you can change your mindset and in doing so, change your approach to and way of life.

Swap negative talk for positive talk

Negative talk prevents you from seeing any abundance. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, whether it is about your marital status, your bank balance or your body, find something positive to think about instead.

Instead of highlighting what is wrong or not enough, place the spotlight on the things that do work and bring you happiness. When times are excruciatingly difficult and you feel that there is no way you can think of one positive thing, go back to the basics of your human existence. You can breathe. You can see. You are alive, and that in itself is worthy of celebration.

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