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  • Kkstevens2002

    This is better to safe the face of the president.

  • Nyakenda

    Good move now UK you are my hero as soon as you are cleared by ICC, you have my vote. Kudos

    • Wesley

      that is it dear

    • Robkatch

      Kudos my foot,Ata kua anafunguliwa boot kwa prison .

      • Mkenya Mkuweli

        Never wish others bad as you do not know of tomorrow

        • Patty

          Just shows how naive and idiotic NegroPliz is in his thinking.

    • malembe

      Gunia wewe ..Hero my foot ….unless the word hero has a brand new meaning..

  • Mkenya kamili

    Kwa kweli for some people money is the only thing. You mean there is no other tribe that can be appointed to head the treasury? 

    • mkenyamvumilivu


    • Kenyan

      Baba, I am no kyuk or GEMA but such comments add no value to anything Now, when RO was appointing ministers to certain positions why didnt we complain that it was only those tribes that were being re-appointed.

      On a light touch, Githae has been very idle in his ministry to a point he went to advertise for some infrastructure development for Machakos.

    • Edmmusyoka

      No medals for guesing your surname!!!! but your comment is idiotic

      • Musyoka or whatever your name is……….lets not get personal on this wall. Atleast you have the immunity of Mkenya Kamili not knowing what hole you are in. you seem so blank with cowdung in between your ears ,in place of brain, and thats why you pick fights with strangers. Mkenya kamili doesn’t care what tribe you are, if anything, ‘kambas’ have never been a match to any other tribe.

        • Edmmusyoka

          More brainy ain’t you!!!!!!!! hahahahaaaa. who is more personal now? continue evolving.

    • Wesley

      why think so!

      • GMA

        All abt politiks,tribalism will lead you to no wea!

    • concerned

      Tuwache ukabila. Let us move forward with Nation Building. This whole political game does not put food on our tables.

      • Amosgathigo

        thank you you are a real kenyan

        • Waweru wa Omondi

          This kubafu Koko is such an ass Kenya is not made of one group.I bet even this koko guy leaves in a slum.Shame on you.

        • Nanju81

          dont hate on kikuyus they work hard for their money. i am a kiuk but i have never had any person help me because he is a mheshimiwa from my tribe. this is the game the rich tribe play on the poor tribe i.e us. fight till you kill each other but the mheshimiwa are in runda and karen swimming and relaxing on your hard earned cash. tell me is there anybody who has ever benefitted from the so called kabila yangu  and is not related to the mheshimiwa. thought so. wisen up

    • SMK

      That’s Kenyan real politik. No need to pretend otherwise.

    • Koko

      Would it put food on your table if the appointees were from another
      region? Continue with your ‘victims’ mentality while majority of the
      people from GEMA continue to make money through hard work dare I say.

      • Wakigogoine

        Thank you,

      • GEMA my foot, who’s not making money. If anything “others” make it through stealing and not hard work as you claim. Do others beg for food from the so called GEMA.

        • Koko

          Like I said. get rid of your victims’ mentality and maybe just maybe, you will not feel so insecure.

          • Obama

            Insecure…thick minded Koko

        • Amosgathigo

           i want to be like you show me where to steal you sound smart

      • Kemb

        making money through stealing taxpayers money? 

        • Amosgathigo

          you sound an expert how is this done am broke

      • kripla

        it shows how our leaders are still deeply entangled in tribalism, they prefer their own to run sum top positions, u see now uve identified urself as GEMA (“whats Gema” ?) thats why u dnt see nothin wrong with the appointments. ur so tribal & disgusting, i think u need some self reform & they say the begining of self reform is self critism, u see when u critisize urself u tend to expose the endemic that dehumenize u to think like a patriotic kenyan.

        • Amosgathigo

          are you kenyan.hope not…thank you.

      • Billy Musonye

        you must be very Stupid mr. Kuku or Koko, which money do u make? is stealing public money equal to making money? u will be trully shocked as soon as Kibaki is out of power

        • Amosgathigo

          shame musonye.anyway you sound sychosomatic or expert in public money,show me how its done am poor.

          • MaishKir

            What is 
            sychosomatic? Why use words that don’t exist? Is it to make you sound intelligent? 

        • Pratt

          This one is not proper. You sound like those guys who have been repeatedly told not to work till their kinsmen take over power. And then that deliberate stagnation became historical injustices! Now 50 years on and crippling poverty, vengefulness cant be hidden. Will that really help? You are supposed to turn against those who lied to you. However, I guess tribal loyalty doesnt permit that. One thing certain is that ill-will hardly succeeds. It only helps others fortify their ironclad resolve pal! 

      • Anonymous

        It is more than just putting food on the table. It is also about regional balance in appointments. It is about fairness in appointments. No positions are reserved for a specific community.During Moi’s time Mudavadi, Saitoti, Kibaki and even Okemo served as Finance Ministers. This time around,  this post has been reserved for those from Mt Kenya.It was Mwiraria, then Kimunya, then Uhuru and now Githae. Do not forget Michuki who acted for some time. Surely yawa!!!!

        • Kihii

          Next year you can do the same you idiots

      • Nyadeje

        Pole Koko but what Mkenya says disturbs everyone and you brush it off with the so called tribalism?  It is only tribalism when people complain of one tribe, we will speak the truth and you continue seeing it as tribalism which you don’t see when appointments are being made.  Yes it is our victim’s mentality but the bitter TRUTH!!!!!!!!

    • Wakigogone

      Pople like you should not be allowed to reproduce. It will be a tragedy if you can be born twice. Such an idiotic thinking

      • Medi


    • tame

      Kasia wewe tribe ni nini? wewe si President wachana na hiyo wait for your day!

    • Theguru

      look at this punk, just tribalism. We need to get rid of this idiots from Kenya. 

    • Amosgathigo

      please if you are a kenyan be ashamed.we are trying to build a youthful kenyan state through various forums and you are negotiating tribes join the real kenyans who dont care where you were from.

    • mkenya mkuweli

      how an you appoint a poor man to guard money,the Gema hold the largest economic stake in this country so it is only wise and logical one of their own to the custodian of where money is.
      WAKE UP

    • the truth is, sensitive dockets like those require the president to appoint people he will TRUST, stop seeing everything as tribal

  • Jasmwangi07

    Uhuru and Muthaura are gentlemen and others should learn from this.We are praying for you to be cleared soonest by ICC.
    Uhuru for president !!


    • Anonymous

      I love your definition of “gentleman”!

    • NegroPliz

      For President pleeeeez!! just shut ur bigmouth, A cold, impassive, heartless, robotic, calculating

      crime boss/  ruthless, cruel, arrogant NEVA EVER

  • Kim

    Hmmmmm Uhuru and Muthaura step aside…Kimemia & Githae step in. What rubbish!!! So typical of Kibaki, the s.i unit of tribalism.

    • Wesley

      you need to go to Hague straight

    • tame


  • Jonah gaicima

    Better Idea. Hii kenya inavijana wengi wamesoma who can manage government offices better. Katiba mpya; kenya mpya; Gaicima

  • Michael

    play the cards close to your chest.Concentrate now on the ICC case and clear your name.You have my vote sir.

    • Aptbks

      utampigia ikiwa ndani ya cooler. It would be interesting exercise

      • Paulmuutu

         Uhuru’s career is for all intents and purposes over. Guys look for someone else to bet on…

        • Patty

          Ya’ll so lame by thinking that this guy is over.

    • Wesley

      My vote too ready

  • Aptbks

    Kitu raisi mnangoja mbembelezwe ndio mfanye,
    Now u are behaving thanks

  • Leinad Mwendwa

    NA BADO….

  • guest

    Good riddance! Whoever inherits the next government will find the cupboard bare as kyuks loot the coffers.

    • Edmmusyoka

      Hope Mzalendo Kibunja reads this……you are one of few people stuck in the past as rest of Kenyans progress

    • Edmmusyoka

      Hope Mzalendo Kibunja reads this……you are one of few people stuck in the past as rest of Kenyans progress

      • guest

        You need to look around you and see which rest of Kenyans are progressing before you say daft things like that. Things are rough for the rest of Kenyans. Progress is for a few only.

    • Wesley

      So what

    • Anonymous

      Why do you lump an entire community into the trials and tribulations of 2 individuals?  Such atomic thinking is what led to the PEV to begin with!

      • guest

        What community are you referring to exactly? It’s two individuals from 2 different tribes. Sort your atomic thinking out first before you look at others.

        • Anonymous

          lol! dont crack me up, and I thought you had a problem with sound reasoning. It seems even english itself is a problem to you. I suggest you get a copy of a Malkiat Sigh or something…. It will be an insult to my intellect for me to try and correct you..

    • tame


  • Songianam

    The bar of integrity has been raised so hi under the new constitution!!


    they did not have a choice

  • Kiana

    Cmon @4ede44af4eb1bce703e7c1af8cb50bb8:disqus does everything have to boil down to tribe. And yes, a tribe cannot run treasury, an individual would be most appropriate to run it.

  • gyan

    nawatokomee huko hague! this z long over due!

    • Wesley

      you may follow then, why such utterances

  • SilentRiot

    The people making this a tribal thing should just stop. If the Kenyans appointed are good, what difference does it make? Uhuru and Muthaura, you should have stepped aside the day ICC announced its decision. Better late than never I guess.

    And no matter what happens this or the next ten years, WE ARE ALL KENYANS. No nonsense about tribe anymore.

  • Judie Kaberia…They didnt ‘bow to pressure’ they did what was right! Journalism is not about sensational reporting its about telling the truth nkt!

    • Wesley


    • Mtetezi

      Brilliant Ben….. 

  • Anonymous

    Lets not be myopic and be obsessed with tribe if its a kenyan who is able then let it be when will we start looking at each otehr as kenyans?

  • Sabonyo

    Yes! but too late. why must we wait for the obvious to happen.

  • Mkenyabilatribe

    lets not propagate hate speech or preach tribalism, all we need is clean pple to run govt affairs, pple who can be accountable, lets see them as Kenyans not with the inborn n bred tribal connoctations, if at all the call of duty ever demanded that one does deservice to public service, time to reexamine concsious always n maybe quit!!! The constitution is clear n now a public document….Even this prome minister role should be quit!!!! The ICC will for sure rule but we need build our houses whenever and wherever we are in a responsibility situation or duty and to always stop using our tribes as the stepping foundation when we need “FLY”……only running to them when we need heckling. Lets resoect each other and view all as Kenyans. Hold pple accountable if they are in leadership

    • Wesley

      Tell them sir, I am disappointed by them

  • Kriss Jumah


  • Anonymous

    What is the role of an assistant Minister if they cannot act in a ministerial position?perhaps in the next cabinet we may consider doing away with this position and have even fewer ministries if a minister can handle two ministries comfortably..

    • Francis

      Dude-An assistant minister cannot act as minister for finance.In fact an assistant minister cannot ACT as a minister as s/he will need to be appointed a MINISTER where do you live? It is this ignorance that makes life very difficult and progress impossible! 

    • geofry

      You need to take time off just to read the const. All what you are suggesting ignorantly is in the const.

  • Kimotho

    Kudos to the two heroes for stepping aside and i have faith they will be cleared by the ICC.Be strong guys and my prayers are with you as you continue with the ICC case.

    • Aptbks

      You call suspected criminals who are confirmed suspects heroes? my foot, get a life. criminals to face the consequences of their crimes, period

  • Len

    Good step; our democracy will thrive.

  • Arthur Masiga

    Am Now proud to be Kenyan….This decision was long over due..The next thing we want to hear is that they are not vieing for presidency untill they are cleared by the ICC and OCAMPO should not retire till the case is over……God bless ICC, God bless Kenya.

  • Anonymous

    I love the changes taking place in Kenya. Only a few years ago a powerful politician would never resign, no matter the scandal. This might not indicate the end of impunity but it does signal the beginning of the end!

  • Raila


  • Edmmusyoka

    hope Njeru Githae knows something about Treasury and Economy………. or is he meant to Silence Martha Karua in Kirinyaga region??? just wondering aloud.

  • Oludavin

    The last kicks of a dying horse “Kibaki”. How can you retain someone to the position of deputy PM yet he is a confirmed suspected criminal by ICC? Why promote impunity, tribalism, and ethnicity in appointments? Why Mungiki’s in statehouse????????

  • SMK

    Congratulations Mr .Uhuru Kenyatta. you have shown that you are a fine man by your own right. All the best as you fight to clear your name.

  • Alekimuki

    this is the Kenya we wanted let them go home,pay with money now to gain back your image(you 2 suspects)

  • Johnmajor2000

    Too much Gema’s, they bog us down

  • Wesley

    BOLD STEP Men!, gear up, we are with you guys we will vote right left up down.

  • MangoJuice

    The Plot thickens…….!

  • AM

    That’s more like it. Wakae kando. The same stroke of pen that has a history of suspending public/state officials should be used firmly and fairly on any person that violates the constitution. After all, their doom was sealed by Obako when he said he will wait until they are confirmed to do so. Plus there was that government agreement to suspend any public servant with such charges until they are cleared. Double edged sword huh.
    And speaking of Obako and Mungiki. They are coming to get you sir. How sad to have this on your retirement plate.

  • concerned kenyan

    why does Uhuru still maintain hi Deputy PM posts? he should resign as well.

  • Mkenya @heart

    Njeru Githae to head finance of all people,he of the “RAT FOR FOOD” , and during an election year at that. Kibaki should just say he wants to eat and eat until our beloved Kenya is no more. We are being taken for tumultuous ride

  • Nash

    Kenya is gradually maturing… public officials must understand there is something called accountability.  The offices you occupy are not your family’s.  You owe the citizenry a level of liability.  Go rest as Kenya runs.  Government will still function with your absence.  As for your replacements… hakuna kabila ingine?

  • Anonymous

    Yes Kibaki is a tribalist we all know that. But that does not mean that his actions should be used to vilify an entire community, most of whom are regular wananchi with zero political influence. Such reasoning is what led to the unfortunate PEV. Let the political class engage in their shenanigans, let wananchi live in brotherly peace.  And lets vote out all these idiots come August or is it December!

  • George

    If you can resign as a minister, how then can you contest as a president? Impunity in our country must end.

  • Gkihaz

    “Nice guys finish last, and he who laughs last laughs the most!”

  • Jasondu


  • Info

    Only a radical approach, sense of thinking will move this country.. I reckon even Kibakis use help can do better than githae in the finance docket .. Utter nonsense. Period

  • Mwangalendo

    Their resignation had to happen sooner or later after due consultations with their boss Mwai Kibaki who has been out of the country but this is not enough!

    Uhuru and Ruto must also denounce their presidential ambitions because the have integrity issues hanging over their heads…………and if were Nancy Baraza, this would be the time to resign since such action by her would be lucky to make page 9 of the dailies and we will forget about her and her nose pinching antics pronto!! 

  • Kennedy Omollo

    How can Uhuru remain as DPM ? Which ministy does he holds, lets be clear, He should quit even the GATUNDU SEAT.

    • Yukinat

      Omollo, he quit Gatundu seat and then you take over or what?Maybe in your dream!..Thats ma MP and he will forever be!

  • Aptbks

    Tell Kibaki we dont need this guy holding any public position. retaining him as DPM is still like taking kenyans for granted.

  • JMM

    Who said some post are preserve for mt Kenya region

  • Karanja Kabage

    I love these Kyuks ( though technically I am one) They appoint their own to the top government organs at treasury, DOD, Central Bank, CCK and when others question it, it is tribalism, ukabila. Ati we look at them as qualified Kenyans. the people that should be offended the most is the rest of the House of Mumbi. These guys never share the spoils with you. they don;t improve your welfare. This community has the largest number of hawkers, touts, name it. if it was a community thing, they’d have invested heavily in Central mkapata jobs and development.

  • Cipa

    You wanted Raila’s blood brother Oburu to head treasury and that is OK?  It is time this sentiment against the Kikuyus that was started and is nursed by some politicians is addressed fully.  Are Kikuyus not Kenyans? Where does most of taxes come from if measured by community?  You can be sure the Kikuyus pay the most.  IT IS TIME THE WORD TRIBE WAS BANED IN KENYA. 

    • kenyan

      I am no kyuk or GEMA but but I am not shouting that a kyuk should not have been put there. There is no way Oburu could have been given the post as the post belongs to PNU’s side of the coalition.

      So guys who are crying should actually stop behaving like the proverbial warthogs. When Ruto was chucked out of Agric, another kaleo was installed there. Who complained? when Anyang goes to rest, Dalmas is appointed Ag minister, who complains?

      Therefore relax. Most guys complaining here are ushago guys who moved to Nairobi for university studies or college studies and therefore the village in them is stringer than anything else.

    • Guest 2

      Uhmmm Cipa, that’s not true…NYANZA pays the most taxes. And that’s a fact from KRA!!!

  • Robkatch

    Drama, drama, drama… the mystery will soon unravel. Now we know. that the meeting with Mungiki in State house actually took place. Soon we shall pass out in shock when we discover… 1. Who ordered those returning officers to hide as Kivuitu waited. 2.Who Transported busloads of mungiki to Naivasha to unleash Terror 3.Who took Kivuitu under siege,One minute yuko KICC next minute announcing results kwa state house and so forth and so on

  • Eliaso2000

    all guys above are mad and sad about Mkenya Kamili… BUT i wanna say he is absolutely right! I am not from GEMA but I know that they Gikuyu believe to be the choosen tribe to lead this nation. Its sad that most guys would want guys to close eyes and forget that this is not tribalism when we all know that it is tribalism.. what happened to having the position to be vacant or better still have the Assistant Minister in treasury take care of the period… NO No .. it all about GEMA… There is always an END to everything soon or later things will change…. until then…. the appointment were tribalistic and Mkenya Kamili was right !

  • Morris

    i think this is a political game by the ICC now Raila can relax but woe unto him wazungu hawatamsaidia.

    • Lance Toid


  • real kenyan

    ths pple calld gema though thy hav developments thy lov dhem selves

  • Billy Musonye

    I don’t know why Kibaki has never appointed any other person to head the treasury, he is spoiling for Kiuks, this could have been a better chance for him to campaign foe whichever candidate he wishes by appointing a non GEMA, Kikuyus are trully going to suffer once the presidency escapes them, and its due to their stupid leaders.

    • real kenyan

      its becoz we tried  with moi 24yrs ruling and economy was growing at -ngv rate. nd by now kibaki 9yrs nd economy is at +5.4

      • Lance Toid

        And paying for stuff through our noses!

        • real kenyan

          b4 kibaki what was the rate of inflation?,nvr use a word coz u here of it “ur homework”

      • Mandingo

        +5.4% “growth” against “+20%” inflation againts  = -14% “growth” sir/madam. Some record to brag about that one …

      • Mandingo

        +5.4% “growth” against “+20%” inflation againts  = -14% “growth” sir/madam. Some record to brag about that one …

    • real kenyan

      its becoz we tried  with moi 24yrs ruling and economy was growing at -ngv rate. nd by now kibaki 9yrs nd economy is at +5.4

    • Koko

      Suffer?? Hahaha. Did Kikuyu’s make money during Moi’s era? The answer is yes  they did and they will continue to do so regardless of who is in power. That is a fact and you can roll your eyes all you want. Deep down you know the ones that have benefited from being close to power are less than one percent; the rest of them have sweat for what they have. As for your public and political offices, you can all share the spoils once Kibaki is out. Kikuyus will be a minority in the next few decades but THEY WILL NEVER STOP MAKING MONEY. You can take that to the bank.

  • Mandingo

    Seems Kibaki is bent on ruining it for his potential successors, hawa watu hawajui kutafuta kura kwingine …

  • koirotwet

    If only they quietly took advise from the intelligent justice ministrer, they would have saved themselves and the president the embarassment. AGAIN they shouldnt be on the ballot box with his friend Ruto so that they can have time for their defence and if they come clean we can consider electing them come 2017 onr 2022.

  • koirotwet

    shame on the AG

  • real kenyan

    its becoz we tried  with moi 24yrs ruling and economy was growing at -ngv rate. nd by now kibaki 9yrs nd economy is at +5.4

  • Owinomagana

    No point in complaining about it. The constitution of Kenya articles 10, 22, 73,75 in the context of state officer as defined in article 260 does not allow !!

  • Owinomagana

    Best is to invoke katiba and mount a challenge in court.

  • kirui

    Let  them  resign  completely   and  they  forget  their   ambition   of  rulling  this  country,  Ruto   plus   we  are  tired   of   these  croocks.

  • Petermuthuri

    I thought you wanted these 2 guys to step aside on integrity issue. I didnt know you wanted them replaced with whichever tribe you belong to. All these BIG mouth who wanted these 2 men were eying those position to be given to their kinsmen. But they have been Surprised!!!!!!! YOU CAN UPROOT THE RAILWAYS FOR ALL THAT I CARE!!!!

  • Capital FM, this is your web-site. Even in this world of freedom of expression, you should know when to intervene and do some moderation. Some of the comments on your own website border on hate speech and tribal animosity. Some of the contributors’ comments on this thread have actually nothing to do with the subject at hand. Come on and take charge of your website and enforce your guidelines!
    This venomous exchange reminds me of the situation that preceded the chaos of 2007/2008. WILL YOU EVER LEARN?

    And fellow Kenyans (or some of you who purport to call themselves
    Kenyans), when will you ever grow out of your insecurities and
    superiority complexes about tribe? Look at Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Bosnia,
    Somalia, Nigeria. Are these countries not glaring examples that
    disagreements based on ethnic, clan or religious affiliation are

    I hope that the day hastens when you will finally look beyond the logs
    in your eyes and SEE that the problem is not of tribe but class
    differences and elitism. Probably, you all live in the same kind of
    neighborhood; love either Gor Mahia or AFC Leopards; are struggling to
    help your extended family; are frustrated by the high costs of living;
    aspire to “make it in life”…

    Now, what makes you think that you and RAO or Kibaki or Makwere or Ruto are of the same ilk? Think about it…

  • Amosgathigo

    i guess these comments i read here are from foreigners not kenyans.

  • It is the height of absurdity for PPS to say Uhuru has been relieved of his duties yet he shall continue to hold the office of Deputy Prime Minister. Is he a statue carved onto the surface of that office!

  • Emaanuelshikuku

    kibaki is incapable of appointing any other tribes to positions of power aint it great that he is leaving? can’t wait tosee him at the Hague the spider web is closing in!

  • Nkhaki31


  • Raila


  • Fredndong

    This is stupid, you cannot chose to read the constitution selectively. What if the DPM goes Insane? does he still hold on to the office because he has not died yet? or been voted out? or blah blah blah?

  • I think it was absurd that we were
    negotiating with Hon. Uhuru and Amb. Muthaura about their staying in office.
    This should not have been a debate at all. The two should have exited the same
    day the Hague based court confirmed their charges, not because they are guilty but
    because that is the honourable thing as precedence and dignity dictates.


    saw Hon. Ruto stepping aside after corruption charges were brought against him
    before a court of law. Hon. Kosgey did the same and Deputy Chief Justice Nancy
    Baraza was suspended awaiting the decision of a tribunal.


    Kibaki should have been fast in giving Kenyans reasons why he thought Amb.
    Muthaura and Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta should be treated differently. The President
    was making a goof that would have had Kenyans interpret this as a double
    standard for sacred and non-sacred cows, with sacred cows coming from the Mt.
    Kenya people, where I belong, yet I am not sacred at all. Such would have been
    tragic as it was reminiscent of the selective justice prior and after the 2005
    referendum and which is to blame for incising the 2007/8 dark era. Such would
    have pushed Wanjiku far away from believing in the government as ‘hers’.


    President, the constitution that we fought so hard for many years was about
    ensuring its equal application. I wish it was you who suspended the two because
    that would have sebd the right signal as did the courts on the Baraza issue. Such
    could have been the most important decision you could have made as the
    President of the Republic of Kenya and that would have been very reassuring.
    That these two are bowing out from public pressure speaks alot about the legacy
    that you intent to leave behind as you exit from statehouse.


    I insist that the moving away from office of Hon.
    Uhuru and Amb. Muthaura has nothing to do with on. Uhuru and Hon. Ruto’s eligibility
    to run for the Presidency. That is a matter that Kenyans will deliberate and
    decide upon, hopefully with the help of the committee of legal experts that the
    AG set up. These are two distinct issues and must remain clearly so. And for
    record, Hon. Uhuru and Amb. Muthaura remain innocent until proven –beyond reasonable
    doubt – otherwise.

  • Ngwati

    billy musonye, am not a kukuyu but they are hard working not like other funny tribes who treasure plasure at the expence of development. i think u know that, if not u just …….

    • Patty

      Ngwati…am glad you said it. Just look at the kenyans out of country and the most successful are kyuks. very hardworking guys who don’t peg their success on tribal leaders.

  • Mwangi Wanjumbi

    “My people are dying for lack of knowledge ,” says the Good book. It further says that “forgive them for they know not what they are doing.” Pole for my ignorant brothers and sisters who look at the world or the nation with the thick lenses  which only see tribalism.This animal called tribalism or ethnocentrism is a propagation of our political order. Why? me and you are not any different. Not biologically, physically, spiritually or intellectually, We are only differentiated by how we roll our tongues inside our mouths, based on the language spoken where we were born or grew up. As we grew up, we adopted the habits of the people around us.That became our culture. It is therefore primitive thinking for “schooled” (not educated) people to continually pour vitriol  on or about innocent wananchi only because they belong to the same ethnic groups as political chieftains from whom none of us gets any political benefits.I won’t allow myself or my children to suffer any indignation or intimidation for being who we are. We never chose. It was just as natural as on the  day follows night. Shame on high priests of tribalism as portrayed in these comments. 

  • Rita_jones11

     He resigns…….then its not again about ICC any more   its now Tribolism…..where are we heading to?   This is not a new kenya.    We have always been blind !!  

  • Kenya oh Kenya,   God help the Kenyans.

  • Rita_jonrs11

    A True Kenya.

  • Rita_jones11

    A True Kenya.

  • Silalinash

    Lets say the truth,  Kibaki is  tribal. Kenya has 42 tribes where are other tribes if he pull out kikuyu and replace  with kikuyu and meru replacing him with meru. For 10 years finance minister coming from one region copy from moi. Call a spade a spade not a big spoon.

  • Mburumbuso

    Vitriol! Vitriol! order of the day.

  • Oloofrank

    This tribal tone is taking off the point, we all are loosing it. I salute Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and Amb. Muthaura for stepping aside albeit not by their own will, I wish that all parties (the victims and suspected perpetrators) find justice at the Hague. I also wish that Mr. Njeru Githae, will have the foresight to release the funds that will be used to settle the IDPs and budget for adequate funds for the elections later on in the year. I also wish that when the elections come, we will use both use our heads and hearts to choose our leaders for the coming five years. And as we vote, let’s  give some room to the will of God and the will of the people of Kenya. GOD BLESS OUR MOTHERLAND, KENYA

  • Elijah Andika

    Now Amb. Muthaura and Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta have stepped a side now it is time for the man who called for mass action to step a side. I strongly believe that without asking for a mass action no post election violence could be there. Unfortunately, the war crier is being sympathised by the ICC! In this case Hon. Raila turns out to be a catalyst. My teacher termed a catalyst as a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction but remains unchanged at the end of the reaction.

  • Patty

    In the States with several tribes from jamhuri represented. Your guess is as good as anyone lese’s that majority of those who have realized their dream are from GEMA community. others are just a bunch of lazy men and women who expect others to put food on their table.

  • geofry

    Some of these comments needs to be moderated.

  • Kam

    Yes! Its true tribalism is real, we are all from our tribes so we are tribal in character. Its in our blood but if it is made a crime to talk about tribes may be it will not be talked about openly but believe me, that even tha next presidential elections its actually tribal devides that will determine the vote. Like it or hate it!! and its gona be sooner than earier expected.

  • sally yasis

    I think the appointees are equal to the task..lets give them a chance. my arithmetic teacher in one of the lessons ‘probability’ taught us that the more the objects in a population, the higher the chances of picking that object…our case here about GEMA based on the last census concur with ma mwalimu. The probability having 40 per cent of all the patients in the republic being from GEMA is very high..the same to mortuaries,the same to GOVT appointments..They didnt apply to be born from that geographical area in Kenya.. KUDOS GEMA mlitajirika kwa vitanda…oeyyyyeee

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