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  • Francis

    Now the shortcomings of the new constitution are bare.Remember those years that thugs used to abduct a competitor of one candidate until 2.00 pm to bar them from presenting papers? What in future will stop “thugs” from filing cases to “BAR CANDIDATES” from participating in elections? I find the argument that Uhuru should vacate “public office=cabinet” because his case has been confirmed but remain Gatundu mp (not public office?)Which is “more public” minister/DPM appointed at pleasure of the president or mp employed by the public? More illogical is the call by NGOs/Kilonzo that RUTO/UHURU should not run because they may be elected by the people of Kenya ICC cases not withstanding-WHAT BULL IS THAT? That Kilonzo is helping Kenyans not elect their choice? One wonders-why would Kenyans elect people “KILONZO/NGOs” do not like? Which is a bigger referendum-Kenyans choosing their president by a majority or Kilonzo telling them who should qualify?IS IT NOT THE CASE NYACHAE THAT KENYANS CAN CHANGE THE LAW/CONSTITUTION VIA A VOTE?What does it tell if they elected Ruto? THAT THEY AGREE WITH HIM AND YOU ARE WRONG!That is democracy Kilonzo.I agree with Nyachae-people are confusing issues-The case of DCJ is totally different-She will not offer herself for elections for people to make a judgment-she has not been elected by anybody and our only “agency is JSC and the court acting as voters”.The issue of Uhuru is straight forward-the people of Gatundu could vote him out and he ceases to be a minister/DPM under the old constitution-he is not a cabinet secretary!. He serves these position courtesy of Gatundu people.    

    • you are pretty right….it beats common sense and logic…….

  • Obama


  • Boiyot

    “The constitution further elaborates in Article 99(2), (3) and Article 193(2)(3) that even if a person has been convicted of any crime and imprisoned for a period of over six months but has not exhausted all possibilities of appeal or review of the sentence or decision, he/she cannot be disqualified from vying for a seat in Parliament, County government or presidency.”Wow! That is a bombshell! Imagine having our prezzo in jail and it being legal!
    why did we ever put anything like that in our constitution?

  • Anonymous

    The mealy-mouthed dishonesty and political conmanship of Kilonzo and civil society busybodies is regrettable, but they will not succeed. We know who is pulling the strings behind the curtains from the EU, UK and US for them to say these evil things…he who pays the piper. 

  • Sankawareacky

    @ Francis- I like how you argument mentions nothing about ethics and abiding by the spirit of the law. Furthermore, I doubt that you are anywhere near as smart as Kilonzo. Which is why you are venting on this forum while he is by a country mile Kenya’s sharpest legal mind. Uhuru should vacate office because it is the right thing to do, period. Not because Kilonzo doesn’t want him or any bull you are advocating.  No legalese argument you can bring will change the fact that he stands accused of co-perpetrating or participating in a common design of torture, murder, forcible transfer and rape. HE IS A SUSPECT AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. I would understand if the uneducated masses of Gatundu do not take off their tribal lenses but for an apparently urbanite mind like you it is sooooo sad and pathetic.

    • Francis

      Dude apart from your “WORSHIP” of Kalonzo’s “Mind” and that is why you do not have yours-where in my take have i said Uhuru should not resign? I have said if the constitution was clear he should resign as MP! I see no reason why one resigns  a position appointed by someone else BUT CONTINUE TO HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE-THAT OF MP! Show this to the “legal mind to read for you”.

  • isnt this the same man who talks about the Spirit of the Constitution… i am not an authority in interpretting the katiba, but really in all fairness this can not be a defense, suddenly the letter of the constitution is all we care about… get real !

  • Geff

    Tell them Mr. Nyachae you are mandated to do just that. People should learn to respect the law even if it doesn’t favour them. I think Minister Mutula should resigned for misleading the public and let him continue as an activist. We know him from the time of Goldeberg and it puzzle me how he got himself into cabinet. Mutula and others who are against Ruto and Uhuru should be guided to hold on in their
    veiled vengeance till the election day period. Justice is a legal process
    and not mob justice like these Mutula’s allies wants topursue

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