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  • MaishK

    Did anyone expect the SH to accept that Mungiki was in house? Do they think we are that thick to think otherwise. Classic tactic deny deny deny. 
    Well it won’t wash here. Try anaother tactic. Yea. Suspend Baraza. That will work. Yet the real suspects are in office. What a height of hypocracy! SH’s advisors should not be paid for this poor work. It ain’t worth the paper it’s written on.

    • Oludavin

      Where on earth have you hard a president using state house for campain, to meet PNU youths or let’s say Obama using white house to meet democratic party youths!!!!? I think there is no common sense in Kibaki’s circle.

      • mkenyamvumilivu

        This i not USA.

      • mkenyamvumilivu

        This i not USA.

  • Oludavin

    Before the SH (Mungiki house) arguid there was no meeting, now the statement says there was a meeting but for the youths, Kwni mungikis ni wazee? How will the statehouse contradict the Mumngiki members/ leaders who were in the meeting and are now acting as the prosecutors witnesses? They can fool themseves but not the ICC judges. Nkt.

  • Kinyanganyiro

    KWANI who expects the state house to admit that they hosted Mungiki? You can imagine the former comptroller admitted that not all guests were registered. Imagine such a place, hata ofisi ya nyanyangu lazima useme HODI. Strange things in strange Kenya under strange leaders.

  • Owiti Onyango

    LEST we forget

    Dreadful memories of the post election violence (PEV)are
    still  raw in most Kenyan minds.  During the2007 general elections  campaigns on 11th Dec, ODM announced
    through a press conference which was watched by millions of Kenyans and the
    world at large that, they will fight, through land,water,air etc to win this
    election. Many may have dismissed this as another campaign idle talk but a
    large number it was taken very seriously what followed after that is everybody’s
     the country went on flames innocent people
    were killed while thousands were displaced who are yet to be resettled even as
    we speak….

    This is why its so see disgusting to see the likes of Orengo,
    Nyong’o and co calling on the Uhuru and Muthaura to resign yet these are the
    people who were calling for mass action which left thousands injured, shops
    looted and businesses ruined thus crippling our economy .


  • Walter

    The ICC should know they are not God for us to believe any crap they say. I find it outrageous that they can say the President met such a group as mungiki!  We are not fools to be taken for a ride.    

    • upuzi_tele

      Lol, Mungiki in statehouse. Seems to me the president will be called to Hague as a witness once he leaves office.

  • SilentRiot

    A wise person once said,”You can fool some of the people most of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” It’s only a matter of time before we know what these people are hiding. Both ODM and PNU are guilty. I think everyone who was elected into this government is guilty. Either because they were involved, or they know what happened and simply sit back and earn their keep instead of doing something about it. Politics is truly a dirty game.

  • mkenyamvumilivu

    the fact remains kikuyus have been killed for a long time just because they choose to elect someone who is not “their own”.mungiki/youths had to do what they had to do which is what brought an end to the post election violence. the one particular person-who we all know-that called for mass action should be dragged to the hague for this country to heal.

  • Francis

    I wonder what kind of people work for the president/Kenya.We are referring to a ruling by an INTERNATIONAL COURT that has made very damaging ruling/conclusions to commit 4 Kenyans to international trial and you direct the media to a web site? Just what is the media supposed to do upon “VISITING THE SITE?” you are a real joke! Uhuru and Muthaura have been committed to trial based on happenings as claimed at state house- FOR HEAVEN SAKE YOU NEED TO COME OUT AND SET RECORDS STRAIGHT FIRST TO KENYANS AND SECOND TO THE COURT! The president cannot issue/through people who seem so ignorant of the gravity of the situation and its national implication a simple/casual/joke denial unless he does not love his country/people and ready to defend its pride/standing in the eyes of its citizens and the world.I expect them to refer to the ruling point by point and challenge the premises/conclusions of the court failure to do is a betrayal to all of us and our children who have a stake in their country.Notice i am not even concerned about the guilt/innocence of the four at this stage.I am talking about the pride of a nation and its people-the expectation that we have leaders who care and are/should be its first defenders.For me i have said here that the conclusions/ruling by the court would make one faint in shock by how illogical/juvenile/sad/ignorant they are premised.In a country where transporting few hundred thousands require Groups 4 AND GSU escort-where police payroll of few thousands is escorted by a convoy of security to imagine that millions of shillings would be “DROPPED AT PRISON” for mungiki leader to use as A PILLOW and DISTRIBUTE from prison and perhaps WALK OUT with it upon release tells me that this world has enough mad people!I like the way the judges conclude that Uhuru could have SNEAKED OUT and rush to STATE HOUSE TO ATTEND MEETING! That Muthaura could have used ANOTHER PHONE-A BOOTH? TO MAKE A CALL! With that logic everything is POSSIBLE TO THESE JUDGES.All one needs to do is make a claim-provide no prove but words and you are cooked-What justice is that? I thought the burden of prove lies with the prosecutor not the other way round. If i used another phone produce it/show the call! If i distributed money show me the MONEY-IF I ATTENDED A MEETING-PLACE ME THERE! THIS IS INJUSTICE OF THE CENTURY- A SCANDAL OF INTERNATIONAL MAGNITUDE.I am sorry but if this world relies on people like these then COME LORD COME LORD WE ARE READY!      

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