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  • Makushah

    It is a pity that the African continent does not see that ICC is meant for Africans and Arabs. I am overwhelmed by the fact that the US urges Kenya to cooperate with the ICC. Fair and fine. May the US cooperate and send Bush to ICC to answer for his war crimes.  May they cooperate and send whoever from NATO to answer charges of war crimes in Libya. Does US know that they committed worse cases in Afghanistan and Iraq. Guys wake up. This is new twist in the colonization of Africa. We are still under bondage. Do you know who is next?

  • baraza

    well said Mukushah.shame on the USA.God have mercy of Africans.Only you can defend us

  • Kiberenge

    The US is not even a member of the ICC. Shame on you and shut up!

    • geofry

      Then what business do they have by advising us? Mr. Mukushah has pertinent points worth reading and not balderdash of your type.

    • Makushah

      You sound very knowledgeable but it is unfortunate that your emotions supersede your reasoning. I pray that you do not defy logic. Being a non member what are their interests? Clever man , may you answer please?

  • mike

    its pity to see the same america which deny the arabs the right to freedom of expression,the right to life, are hereby telling us to co-operate with international criminal court. if they are the saviour of the world they should handover to icc the bush administration to hague, also the should join the icc as they seem to be double standard on this issue. was icc formed for africans and arabs who will save us from these american its you

  • Kipyegosaimon


  • Tuts

    By not subscribing to the ICC and hence their leaders cannot be tried for their eons of crime against humanity have no moral authority to advise anyone on the ICC.

  •….a judge believes the judgment was flawed….Kaul knows more than meets the eye and alittle prodding will bring out very interesting news about what is so important about Kenya to the ICC..

    Why were intelligence officers including embassy officials very jittery about ICC…Wikileaks..

    ……the OTP does not fully suggest how it will evaluate information that NGOs and individuals are increasingly submitting as evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide. Embassy contacts have noted that the prosecutor seems obligated to evaluate incoming information, whatever its source………..
    On June 24, the ICC’s 18 judges selected as Registrar France’s Bruno Cathala…….His selection disappointed the Dutch Government, which had expected, as is the tradition with many international legal institutions in the Hague, that the position would go to the Dutch candidate……Cathala (please protect) told an embassy legal officer that he has strongly advised Ocampo to speak very carefully in public and to be extraordinarily sensitive to the way even strictly accurate statements may be perceived. In the face of the media “pushing and pushing” and under the watchful eyes of governments, the “first wrong word,” Cathala said, could easily spell disaster for the court. It will be crucial, he said, for the ICC to dispose easily of “silly things like Iraq”. “We’re not going to run all over the world,” said Cathala, who added that he personally wants relations with the USG to be smooth……so the ICC cowers when US makes orders?…..

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