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  • tame

    okay next step sir!

  • Aptbks

    Ocampo juu kama bendera ya chief. impunity is cringing and squirming n we are hopeful that its dealt a serious blow

  • Osambafo

    The two gentlemen are lucky courtesy of humility and calmness exhibited by them and their counsel. May they have all the peace they have not known for all while.

  • Nash

    These chaps hired good lawyers and kept cool throughout the
    entire process.  Sio domo domo.  The only person I pity is Francis
    Kirimi Muthaura…. just when he’s about to retire.  Imagine being in a
    cooler huko Hague.  Hawezi make.

  • geofry

    Why appeal if you are party to the design?

  • gyan

    Asante sana bwana Ocampo..hata wachelewa wewe,ungewachukua hawa jamaa zako ukaishi nao huko hague!

  • Ericmune

    come 2013 one of the ocampo will be the president of kenya. ICC has prove to be a politics game arena.

    • Aptbks

      Enjoy ur fantasies while it lasts.

      • Oludavin

        Hahahah @Ericmune, Imagine Kenya being led by an international criminal suspect of “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY”, Kenya is bigger than a tribe – Kikuyu or Kalenjin etc…! With a new constitution, we can’t have a leader who uses impunity to fight impunity! Trust me, KENYA WILL NEVER BE THESAME AGAIN AFTER KIBAKI!

  • Francis

    Reading the judgment of the cases reveals only one thing-ANY AFRICAN WHO WILL FIND THEMSELVES IN THIS COURT WILL BE JAILED.This court lacks any cultural context of any kind.Its academic assessment of a criminal case devoid of any investigation/logic is not only immoral but dangerous.Here you have a case/crimes committed in broad-daylight of an ELECTION DISPUTE that everyone in Kenya knows about.The reaction was there for all to see and are documented in media and there are as many witnesses as there are Kenyans.Yet the narrative from the court sounds so foreign that one wonders which country they have in mind.If the court had any cultural context it would realize that in the Kenya context Joshua Sang is such “LOW FOOD CHAIN GUY” that to assign him the role as the court has leaves it with no credibility.To call him a MEDIA EXECUTIVE is to abuse language.To claim that he used broadcast to co-ordinate attacks in a country without anyone noticing/without being stopped by authorities/his employer is beyond human comprehension.For the court to come up with warped reason of why violence took place and seek an “academic explanation” makes it very painful for those of us who are witnesses/victims of the violence since 1969.Now in Eldoret Ruto had a plan way back 2006 to evict Kikuyus/Kisiis to RETAIN POWER-causes deaths of the same in 2007.In the same way Kenyatta had an ORGANIZATION to retaliate the deaths planned from 2006 to retain KIKUYU POWER-PNU POWER in 2008 using Mungiki?By the way Kisiis voted more ODM than PNU why were they target in Eldoret? In the end two communities are accused -ONE OF STARTING THE KILLINGS AND THE OTHER DEFENDING ITSELF ALL PLANNED! The way the court in its majority ruling agrees with the MUNGIKI narrative is laughable and makes any serious Kenyan LOL.It is not whether the accused are guilty or not but for heavens sake-for the sake of the human race the narratives especially in a case witnessed by ALL should sound better than FICTION! WALK TO ANY IDP CAMP AND ASK ANYONE WHAT HAPPENED!To use the WAKI report written at the height of RAW EMOTIONS/MADNESS and not at all investigated-To use KHRC reports written by people in an office/not investigated and form the basis of evidence is not only unfair but an abuse of human intelligence.I am afraid that going forward this court will become the concentration camp where those not so lucky will be dragged through costly trials.I am glad they left the police out of the shame and as we have argued here before it is the sacrifice/heroism of the men/women of the police that saved lives and in deed the country from two juveniles.The ruling of the court makes healing even more difficult.It makes 2012 elections about 2007 elections all over again-HOW SAD! It has planted the next seed of “victims”-those who feel sacrificed over crimes they had nothing to benefit from as the main actors/architects of the same sit pretty.SOMETIMES IT IS NOT ABOUT JUSTICE BUT ABOUT COMMON GOOD THAT THE COURT SHOULD SERVE.And so as my grandma narrated to me the story of the girl who had to die to save her people from drought here we go:IF IT MAY BRING PEACE/HAPPINESS/HEALING/JOY/DELIGHT/RAIN/ SATISFACTION/PRESERVE THE STATE WE CALL KENYA BY SACRIFICING UHURU, MUTHAURA, RUTO AND POOR SANG FOR THE SINS OF ALL THEN LET IT RAIN/LET IT SHINE SO THE GIRL SANG AS SHE SUNK INTO THE GROUND AND WAS SWALLOWED BY IT-BUT THERE IS A TWIST-SHE ROSE AGAIN WITH A HANDSOME GROOM.THE FOUR WILL RISE AGAIN .LET THERE BE PEACE!           

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