Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia is the author of the award-winning, personal style blog, This Is Ess. As a fashion fanatic, beauty lover and home decor enthusiast, she will leave you wanting to revamp your closet, home and life in general.

  • nicholas otieno

    This  time  round   there  no   [kupitia   katikati   mweshimiwa  VP]   so  brace  yourself  for  tough   things  ahead.

  • Barnabas Kimanthi

    I believe as patriotic Kenyans,we should be custodians of peace as we wait for the Ocampos six verdict.They are our brothers but justice must prevail.Lets protect our nation,it is BIGGER THAN ANY ONE OF US! Lets carry the banner high up,KENYA IS PEACE,AND PEACE IS KENYA.stand tall to defend your nation.THANK YOU.     

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