The bracelet with a chic and convenient twist!

Band-it Bangles 2

May the creatives of this world live long enough to come up with more and more fashionable solutions to our daily struggles!

Ladies, I’m happy to announce that gone are the days of having plain hair bands on your wrist ruining your arm swag.

Band-it Bangles

Lizzie Dulien, an American jewellery designer, just saved millions of women from having to ruin their perfectly chic outfit by creating a simple, chic solution to the convenience of tying a hair band to your wrist.

Band-it Bangles 3

Instead, Dulien came up with simple bracelets with ridges wide enough to fit hair bands that come in gold, silver and rose gold hues.

Aptly named the Band-It bangle, this accessory retails for KES10,400 ($100).

Watch how it works below:

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