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  • Katunic

    good luck new boss i had voted for u in my conscious

    • Suleimandulah

      The haste at which the appointment was made is just a replica of the Kibaki’s  swearing in Dec,2007. lets not forget this is an Election year and these are some the things that breed hatred. Kibunja has to come out clear on this! 


    Kikuyu Revenue Authority

    • Boiyot

      That is just plain NASTY!
      Why not let the guy do the job if he’s qualified? Afterall your turn to eat will come! LOL

    • Mkenya Mtulivu

      haha we gav u Baraza n wat did she do!not even for one year,i wonder wat wil happen if u guy acsend to power!we do tk care of our intrests,

    • Charlie

      Nairobi Mayor is Luhyia, Min of Local Govt and Town Clark well now what do you call that wafuya please?

      • Kalifako63

        Ha ha ha , Na hata Nabongo mumia ni muluhyia.DCJ,Atwoli wote.I wonder how many luhyias Mayor and town clerk  benefit

  • Bcomweri

    are this positions for central kenya or the other canditates are not qualified?

    • Mkenya Mtulivu

      Crap,wea were they wen this guys were applying,haha meeenn ul hav to just get used to it,am sure u wuld hav been happy if u saw sme1frm yo village thea,suck it up.

    • Charlie

      the others are pulling our noses on their second salary after appointment!

  • Is there regional (or even tribal) blance here? seems like central is the big brother here eishhh!!!!!!!!!

  • Likhalakhala

    Minister for Finance, Governor of Central Bank of Kenya, Commissioner General of Kenya Revenue Authority are people from the same place. It is dangerous to give such Key posts which are very crucial to the economy of the country to one group in Kibaki’s last leg.

    • Kembero

      That is why Kanyans need someone else for President and not Uhuru.coz this pple from central dont care about other kenyans

      • Charlie

        giving one person a Job does not mean the whole community benefits how will Njiraini help tent dwelling kikuyu IDP and tobacco sniffing mungiki or the people who lost family members?

      • Yaya

        ..never we will never care about anyone neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • slim

      I refuse to believe that all people from the other communities in Kenya think of things in the country via this angle. Not even a majority. Because it just paints us as just another illiterate, retarded nation.

  • mwas

    Mr. Njiraini is a Kenyan…….if you are still thinking regionwise and tribalwise……then you need to change your way of thinking…..pleasu don’t go back to regional and tribal cocoons…..

  • nickotieno

    Good  luck  mr.  Njiraini, Do  something   the  way  you  pushed  our  MPs   to  pay   their  taxes.

  • Gidi2005

    Ukabila. Someone needs to go to court here.

  • Dodo

    lo stop complaining guys  this gava was shared the way we  voted ie btw pnu [gema] and odm the rest [42 tribes] 50 50 so if the post go to a kikuyu; embu; or meru thats is their rightiful share ..mkate nusu..nusu…. get me right   

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahaha……………………..hapo umenena !

  • Mark

    Who to complain The Mau Mau, Kenyatta are all based between one tribal line? Location of Mt. Kenya is tribal too…..seems most trollers here can even go 6ft beneath still screeming ni wakikuyu wakikuyu. Tribalism is just a big tumor in our beloved country. I’ve propagandaish sucked once yet reason was well known was  coz I was from the big tribe, so I Dont Care

  • Nyakenda

    those who expected Uhuru to give the job to another guy are day dreaming

  • Mark

    A time will come when Wairmu, Njuguna, Ndungu, Kimani will exist least. Reason, see below. Yusuf, Kasim, Abdalla and so on will be what will be in place to conceal tribal backgrounds which has become the basis of primitive attacks. Its also what I will prefer for my future kids if they’ll come to existence. Since when the mention of tribalism there is Kikuyu?

  • koirotwet

    What did you expect. The Security, Energy, Transport and Finance sectors are the preserve of one community in the Kibaki administration. Wizara NONO as once described by minister Mwakwere one time. We thank Uhuru for showing us early enough that he intends to toe the line of tribalism if ever he succeds Kibaki. The rest of the communities are seeing it all.

    • Omena your eyes please  this govt is shared between kikuyus[ pnu] and the rest communities [odm] hiyo ni haki yao ya kikatiba upende usipendeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Wakwetu

    The best man got the job.The last time he lost out even though he topped simply because he was from mkoa wa kati.Kama mtu ana tajriba ya kutosha na ame hitimu ipasavyo,basi na apewe nafasi.Waweru took KRA to new hights and njiriaini was part of that success and we hope he will also achieve more.His track record is proven.Wenye wivu wajinyonge tafadhali,watuondokee.

  • Kipyegosaimon

    its sad,even the post Njiraini was holding,to mt.kenya again,kwani hakuna wakenya wengine.

  • Cipa

    Raila has appointed his relatives to many positions are:
    Oburu Oginga Odinga – Finance Assistant Minister – Raila’s blood brother 
    Jakoyo Midiwo – Chief whip – Raila’s cousin
    Akinyi Wenwa – Consular Los Angeles US Kenya embassy consulate –  Raila’s sister
    Orege PS –
    Odembo – Kenya US ambassador – Raila’s brother in law
    Ouko  – auditor general – Raila’s cousin
    Gondi  – executive chairman Geothermal (where billions have been stolen already) – Raila’s distant relative
    Ayacko  – chairman of Kenya Neuclear Comm – Raila’s distant relative
    Ager – deputy MD KPLC – Raila’s cousin
    Onyango Sika – Permanent Secretary PS – Raila’s cousin
    Kasongo – head of NSSF – Raila’s relative
    List not exhaustive

    • Mundatt

      Are all Luos RAO’s relatives? Get your facts right. And do 2 wrongs make a right?

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