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  • James Kiptoo

    It’s like a movie but sadly true…just praying to be eventually released to their families alive. God Bless Kenya.

  • Maddgrassix

    Kenya made the stupidiest mistake in the first place. Our yuts are being slaughtered in that lifeless land but we be blindfolded. Just bring our boys back and I will offer my sympathies to these two guys. My sympathy is to the yuts who were sent there on first assignment leaving the veterans and the big tummied “bosses” in baracks.

  • Kiptoo

    Indeed it is SAD. More will come: abductions, killing and worse. WHY? WHY? WHY?


  • I find it ironical that these guys can just walk into Kenya and abduct Kenyan citizens….does it mean that we have concentrated on the war so much and forgot home security

  • Pokol

    This war will continue without any tangible success and Kenyans will continue to suffer. Unless! the taps of terror are turned off in Eastleigh. The Shabab have solid investments minting war millions in there!

  • Murungi

    Allah Akiba! We can see how desperate and corwards Al shaabs are at the moment. We shall therefore put more effort in hitting them especially now untill they are finished completely. They are a batch of organised thievies out to get rich quickly through brain washing and convincing the uneducated minds to fight for them in the name of Allah. My foot, we shall see.

  • Omusakulu

    alshabab should know that kenya is not somalia.they cannot shake us .if we get fedup,all those in refuge camp and every somali be he in estley or majengo  shall be forcebly kicked out of kenya.u connot spoil ur hom and espect sympath from a neighbour.u know how  kenyans can be when rattled eh?..rem how it was in 2007 and behave.

  • Edward Komora

    I just want my bro back,alive.

  • Ndubihez

    The two Kenyan officals are innocent. They were merely carrying out their day to day duties as expected of them. Please release them unconditionally. Al Shabaab are also human beings. They have brothers and sisters. They are fathers. They have relatives somewhere. Have a human heart and release these guys.

  • Mwana Kenya

    Tufanye hivi, Somalis go back to Somalia… Kenyans come back to Kenya…funga border and police it with our military… then everybody can do whatever they like with and in their own countries

  • Morismall

    truly morale sapping but Kenya is at war these are the consequences and sacrifices we have to live with

  • BagOfMonkeys

    Ask yourselves how evil this Allah God can be, that Shabaab is wickedly influenced to be hurtful and sadistic, then see that there is no God as even if there was we should spit in his face at the harshness he imposes upon us.

  • Edward M. Yesse

    I am the father of the abducted DO. We have had an agonizing period since last week on Wednesday. To the Al Shabaab Leadership, I want to appeal to you to release our son. You are also parents. You have relatives. You know how traumatising it is to have someone in captivity. In the name of the Almighty Allah, please release him.

    • Mark

      Plead to the government and campaign against storming into Somalia. Am a proud Kenyan who will join your campaign with loyalty. This war is unjustifiable. Both sides are losing yet there was option of a diplomatic path in place but they prefered the fools rush in way.

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