Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, ‘Game of Thrones’ finally win Emmy Awards


emmys 2015

Jon Hamm won his first Emmy, taking home the prize for best actor in a drama series for his portrayal of seductive, mysterious 1960s ad man Don Draper on “Mad Men.”

A humble Hamm thanked his co-stars and honored his fellow nominees, saying it was “impossible to be named with all of those extraordinary gentlemen.”

Viola Davis made Emmy history when she won the award for best actress in a drama series, becoming the first black woman to take the honor in the prestigious category.

Davis, who won for her starring role in ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” said: “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.”

HBO hit show “Game of Thrones” bested another hot favorite, “Mad Men,” to win the Emmy for outstanding drama series on Sunday.

The blood-spattered fantasy epic also saw off “Better Call Saul,” “Downton Abbey,” “Homeland,” “House of Cards” and “Orange is The New Black” for the evening’s biggest prize.



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  • Anonymous

    The civil society groups should lead by example, they are not that ‘clean’ after all, recently we witnessed their behavior in one DCJ

    • Oludavin

      DCJ is not yet guilty so stop character assasination.

  • Annenjoroge_2001

     YES INDEED.   They should show us an example.  they are not clean either,      and who is clean anyway if we go into details????…..wish i could talk my personal bitter truth with one of these people who is always in the front page talking about human rights…….mpake leo ninamdai pesa!!!   

  • Matunday

    Am I missing something here? Is this statement really true? That ”
    There is growing anxiety amongst Kenyans since last week as the date nears for the suspects to know their fate.”! Really? Why shoulder there be anxiety among Kenyans? Kenya is not on trial neither are all Kenyans. 6 kenyans are. So if anyone is to be anxious, the 6 should.

    If you told me that Kenyans are anxious because of war in Somali, then I would understand because Kenya is at war. Our soldiers are in Somali. Not at the ICC. No I am not anxious at all. 

    I hate hypocracy. We are crucifying DCJ for a demeanour, yet we want to protect alleged crimes against humanity? Where is our collective sense of responsibility.
    Let everyone carry their respective crosses.
    Good day.

  • victor oluoch

    Uncertain future?….It’s simple they needed to resign till they are cleared but since they belong to the communities that rule this country even the president preferred to protect them than allow them to resign.

  • Oludavin

    They should have quit long time ago, someo of them like Muthaura are old enough to have retired long time ago…Let the wait for public humiliations next week.

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