Susan Wong is the Editor of Capital Lifestyle, a resident photographer, an award-winning journalist, radio presenter, full-time adventurer, long-time admirer of anything edible, and a spicy food athlete at Capital FM.

  • Barakamshee

    this man Miguna definately needs urgent psychiatric assessment!

  • Mbatarejoel

    Miguna wa Miguna could be sick, Please lets request Kibaki and Raila to help me with air ticket to go to his country in Canada

  • Nicholas Ronnoh

    Perhaps we are dealing with a personality disorder bordering on insanity,… but its a forgivable condition.  We should get Dr Njengas opinion on this matter. Media should ignore this guy. I wonder why Raila ever brought him on board.

  • Bishop Omunyala Amukowa

    Miguna should go and kick his last kicks ,you messed up in the office of PM,today you start regreting by painting bad image of Bett,Magare and Kamar for own failure  .Infact,today Raila has a good relation with all Kenyans.You caused a lot of hatred when you were in the office of PM

  • lucy

    people miguna is not sick we have to know what happens in the dark and thats it and it has to be known to all the citizens…have you read about Esther Arunga’s Abortion? miguna is on the right track..and i support him!

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