Celebrity fashion stylist Annabel Onyango’s wedding was “stunning”

wedding marek annabel photographs by susan wong4

Photo: Susan Wong

The Fashion Watch panelist, co-owner of Republi.ke Garden City and celebrity fashion stylist Annabel Onyango married Sauti Sol’s manager Marek Fuchs in a star-studded ceremony at the luscious and serene Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha, Kenya, on Saturday (19.09.15).

Onyango wore a custom gown by fashion designer Galina Tatarinova down the aisle. The magical setting featured a small creek and spectacular views of the golf course greens beyond a wooden bridge adorned with Calla Lilies over a small creek filled with floating lily pads. The stunning ceremony, which was timed perfectly to the setting sun, saw 200 wedding guests dressed in all black, blanketed by a soft glow.

Guests at the wedding included Lupita Nyong’o’s family, Just A Band’s Blinky Bill, members of Sauti Sol, Patricia Kihoro and luminaries of the Kenyan fashion and media industry. The evening celebrations were hosted by June Gachui and Kaz Lucas; and special musical dedications to the couple by Patricia Kihoro, Kevin Mbugua, and Sauti Sol.

The newlyweds, Onyango and Fuchs, dated for 8 years before getting engaged in 2014, told Capital Lifestyle on Saturday that the bride was overwhelmed with how beautiful the nuptials were. “I [Onyango] cried when I was about to walk down the aisle after I saw how beautiful everyone [the guests] looked. It was more stunning than I had dreamed.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

wedding marek annabel photographs by susan wong6

Photo: Susan Wong

wedding marek annabel photographs by susan wong

Photo: Susan Wong

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Photo: Susan Wong

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Photo: Susan Wong

wedding marek annabel photographs by susan wong5

Photo: Susan Wong


  • Anonymous

    Mutula, you are a blathering, opportunistic liar and bloody-minded dishonest person.  

    Chapter 6 DOES NOT CITE ANYWHERE that Uhuru or Ruto can be barred from running for public office, at
    least not until there is a trial and they are TRIED AND CONVICTED. NOT WHEN, if the judges confirm their charges, they appeal the ruling and are still suspects. As proof, here is Chapter 6 in its entirety. CAN YOU SHOW KENYANS WHERE THE CHAPTER reads, clause by clause and with a fine Mkamba toothpick, where Uhuru and Ruto are barred:


    Responsibilities of leadership. 

    73. (1) Authority assigned to a State officer—

    (a) is a public trust to be exercised in a
    manner that—

    (i) is
    consistent with the purposes and objects of this Constitution;

    demonstrates respect for the people;

    (iii) brings
    honour to the nation and dignity to the office;


    (iv) promotes
    public confidence in the integrity of the

    office; and


    (b) vests in the State officer the
    responsibility to serve the people, rather
    than the power to rule them.


    (2) The
    guiding principles of leadership and integrity include—

    (a) selection on the basis of personal
    integrity, competence and suitability,
    or election in free and fair elections;

    (b) objectivity and impartiality in decision
    making, and in ensuring that
    decisions are not influenced by nepotism, favouritism,
    other improper motives or corrupt practices;

    (c) selfless service based solely on the public



    (i) honesty in
    the execution of public duties; and

    (ii) the
    declaration of any personal interest that may conflict with public

    (d) accountability to the public for decisions
    and actions; and

    (e) discipline and commitment in service to the


    Oath of office of State officers.


    74. Before assuming a State office, acting in a
    State office, or

    performing any
    functions of a State office, a person shall take and subscribe the
    oath or affirmation of office, in the manner and form

    prescribed by
    the Third Schedule or under an Act of Parliament.


    Conduct of State officers.



    75. (1) A State officer shall behave, whether in
    public and official life, in
    private life, or in association with other persons, in a manner

    that avoids—

    (a) any conflict between personal interests and
    public or official duties;

    (b) compromising any public or official
    interest in favour of a personal
    interest; or

    (c) demeaning the office the officer holds.

    (2) A person
    who contravenes clause (1), or Article 76, 77 or 78


    (a) shall be subject to the applicable
    disciplinary procedure for

    the relevant
    office; and

    (b) may, in accordance with the disciplinary
    procedure referred

    to in
    paragraph (a), be dismissed or otherwise removed from


    (3) A person
    who has been dismissed or otherwise removed from

    office for a
    contravention of the provisions mentioned in clause (2) is

    from holding any other State office.


    Financial probity of State officers.



    76. (1) A gift or donation to a State officer on
    a public or official occasion is a
    gift or donation to the Republic and shall be delivered to

    the State
    unless exempted under an Act of Parliament.

    (2) A State
    officer shall not—

    (a) maintain a bank account outside Kenya
    except in accordance with an Act of
    Parliament; or

    (b) seek or accept a personal loan or benefit
    in circumstances that
    compromise the integrity of the State officer.


    Restriction on activities of State officers.



    77. (1) A full-time State officer shall not
    participate in any other gainful

    (2) Any
    appointed State officer shall not hold office in a political party.

    (3) A retired
    State officer who is receiving a pension from public funds shall
    not hold more than two concurrent remunerative positions

    chairperson, director or employee of—

    (a) a company owned or controlled by the State;

    (b) a State organ.

    (4) A retired
    State officer shall not receive remuneration from public funds
    other than as contemplated in clause (3).



    Citizenship and leadership.



    78. (1) A person is not eligible for election or
    appointment to a State office
    unless the person is a citizen of Kenya.

    (2) A State
    officer or a member of the defence forces shall not hold dual

    (3) Clauses
    (1) and (2) do not apply to—

    (a) judges and members of commissions; or


    (b) any person who has been made a citizen of
    another country by operation
    of that country’s law, without ability to opt out.


    Legislation to establish the ethics and anti-corruption commission.



    79. Parliament shall enact legislation to
    establish an independent ethics and
    anti-corruption commission, which shall be and have the

    status and
    powers of a commission under Chapter Fifteen, for purposes of ensuring
    compliance with, and enforcement of, the provisions of this Chapter.



    Legislation on leadership.



    80. Parliament shall enact legislation—

    (a) establishing procedures and mechanisms for
    the effective administration
    of this Chapter;

    (b) prescribing the penalties, in addition to
    the penalties referred to in Article
    75, that may be imposed for a contravention of

    this Chapter;

    (c) providing for the application of this
    Chapter, with the necessary
    modifications, to public officers; and

    (d) making any other provision necessary for
    ensuring the promotion of
    the principles of leadership and integrity mentioned in
    this Chapter, and the enforcement of this Chapter.

    As can be seen, Mutula Kilonzo as the Minister responsible has not drafted legislation to define the lies he wishes to bamabozle Kenyans with and have parliament LEGISLATE AND MAKE THE LAWS that will guide Chapter 6. What on earth has he been doing all this time? Perhaps waiting to see Kalonzo ‘pitia kati kati’ yet again by virtue of Uhuru and Ruto being out of the ballot courtesy of his malicious connivance with Ocampo and the ICC? That will never happen and he had better think again.

    • Mazzdark

      This may be hard for you to swallow but in answer to your question: It is up there where it talks about “bringing honour to the nation and dignity to the office”………

    • Progress4Kenya.

      I agree with Mazzdark. Don’t be an idiot. It is the spirit of the constitution we should adhere to, not the letter of the constitution. As a document endowing government and its officers with the mandate to govern, it is CRUCIALLY important that public interests remain separate from whatever legal issues plague the individuals in question. Doesn’t matter if they are innocent or not, anyone who holds a ministerial, parliamentary or other government position while indicted by the ICC threatens Kenya’s international standing, and this in and of itself is tantamount to a betrayal of public trust and a step backward in so far as national progress is concerned. When will Kenyans stop focusing on individuals and emphasize our country’s progress as a whole? 

      • Anonymous

        If you want to play games with the constitution, fine.
        The Maize, Triton, KKV and Cemetery corruption scandals point to the highly questionable integrity of leading ODM stalwarts, to wit, their Presidential and Deputy Presidential candidates.Under the Public Ethics and Economic Crimes Act, and which is specific with reference to corruption and economic crimes, Raila and Mudavadi are not eligible for State Office. 

        So fool, if you want to bar Uhuru and Ruto from running on mere suspicion of so called international crimes, Raila and Mudavadi too can be barred from running for crimes which are actually capital crimes in countries like China, and where culprits are shot to death and the bullet charged to the family. 

        Unless Raila and Mudavadi are vetted by the Supreme Court and pronounced not guilty of being behind those well known scandals, they should not run. I am sure Miguna Miguna will only be too willing to testify with glee about what he knows.

        Did someone talk about ‘bringing honour and dignity to the office’?…

        • solo

          wow. why dont you go to the high court and present your case against your suspects including Mutula if you think its unconstitutional. Mazzdark just commented what he feels like but you want to force Rutoism and uhuruism on his throat. The article 6 will be your base of argument and am sure you will carry the day if not stones.

  • Cate

    Mutula thinks that this is his turn to Pita Katikati with Kalaonzo if Kenyatta and Ruto are out of their way

    • Anonymous

      As Uhuru once said, they are going to wait for a long time before Uhuru’s arms fall off and they can then pounce like hungry hyenas.

  • Kipkoechmr Antipah

    Mutula kilonzo always comes in with what we call ambush and never hit the target as he thinks. He is also biased in his dealings and proud.I urge him to see beyond and serve all kenyans.Remember the saying,”he who digs a hole for others will himself falls in it”. Remember Mordecai’s story and Haman instead of going so far as justice minister, look for away to educate the citizens on how to end corruption; you cannot use laws and force to punish the corrupt. Corruption is invisible and has taken roots in almost all kenyans. How many kenyans will you take to court if you have not yet taken those who are in higher authority and those who always practice such vices to do whatever they wish. In my point of view, i would like our minister for justice to put in place some fences which would reverse this monster. To end corruption in kenya is to involve all kenyans to participate in forums and find the solution to stop this bad practice. Start from nursery schools,primary,high schools,colleges,and universities. the coming generation will realize the bad of corruption at the grassroot level.Corruption comes in as an appreciation token,also it may come in as lunch invitation or many other ways. Who knows exactly what is corruption. how can we talk of things we dont understand.Iknow that lawyers get involved, when an offender is got at the crossroads of corruption and when is called to protect that offender or the plaintiff. we are all living in a corrupted world. Kenya will not progress if we continue looking back of what happened long time ago,let’s forgive and leave those memories which can open the healed wound.God wants us to live in a free corrupted nation. Teach right away from your house,neighbourhood and beyond.Young kenyans need to be taught to live in a corrupted free state. MAY GOD BLESS KENYA.

  • karisdom

    Mutula has to choose being either in judiciary  or in  parliament.He should let the court interprete the constitution.He cant be in both institutions

  • Warinda

     Thanx honourable Mutula for demonstrating your love for wisdom in a prophetic manner. These are not your own words or wishes but the voice of Kenyans. Any right minded citizen of this norble nation must walk along the parth of the new constitution. We get to understand more why some alshababs never wanted a new contitution.

  • solo

    That is great Mutula. Like minded Kenyans are also getting tired every day and will continue supporting the right cause instead of calling each other names due to tribal inclinations. its sad to see a country like Kenya in the 21st century and its citizens are reasoning and thinking in a tribal manner. If they are convicted let them rot in the hague we have many other blood free leaders.

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