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  • Ejoseph

    The stick of the TRUTH can get skinny , but never breaks!!

  • yohannes

    we don;t know guys, what u are doing, the only things we know thwt the people of somalia are sufferiing

  • Daisy Paris

    Ridiculous allegations to begin with.  How dare they make these types of false claims with absolutely no proof.  And what will be the consequence for Kenya?  How can we maintain stability in the horn when our own neighbors are against us for no reason

  • Justice

    Here we go, the Truth has come out, Kenyan army spokesman got bribe to blackmail (escapegoat) Eritrea for americans and Ethiopians failed Policy towards Somalia. We will hear more guys, don’t get mislead by American and Ethiopians GOV propaganda. plus Western media 

  • tech

    That is a shame to UN monitering group and kenya Government. I can believe how dare they were called  a sanction to eritrea becouse of this incorrorect informetion which they were lectured by Ethiopea. This is not surprise news for eritreans and to the real peaople of the world. Becouse they already know the fact prefectly who is behand to this cold blooded attact engineering. Just be prepare eritreans for anther lie.We just get boring to hear lies over anther lies.   

  • Kenya should be sued for such lies and pay for the damage done

  • Betri Haqi

    To start with the Kenayan government were well aware of the falshood acquisation to Eritrea. It is the USA work through their servants in Ethiopia to weaken Eritrea by isolating the country from its neighbors. I hope the brotherly people of Kenya will understand and not to be fooled again with Ethio American gimick against their brothers and sisters in the region.

  • Ghebhaile

    Did Eritrea gave  food to Al Shabaab ? While Eritrean are dying  on the Sinai desert looking for food.
    PFDJ tell the truth. Most know Al Shabaab are friend of Eritrea Gv. Who are you trying to fool PFDJ ?
    What is the difference if you give them food, money, or gun to Al Shabaab. 

    • Bsammyo

      @Ghbhaile: It seems that you’re barking in vacuum. Please save your breath and energy and use it for something better. PFDJ represents the people and it’s just taking you so long to understand it — are you a slow learner?

    • Truth

      Lietsen you moron Agame, you know the fact that eritrean people and GOV are working for better future, and we will be a role model not only fro the rest of africa but also for Third world countries….we paid Huge price to gain Our independence…No one gave Us, and we know what war and its quenciqnces, so africans try not to be a Weapon of Westrnes against our brothers. Let’s work together not to welcome the NEOCON again in Our soil….Weak up brothers and sisters to kick out the colonisers.

      • Abissinian

        Ata Denkoro. We like the eritrean poaple as a poaple of Africa but we hate the illitrate your leaders. You will never have a better future having the mad leaders of eritrea.

        • Eritreanamerican

          Ata AHYA! WUSHA! Don’t speak for Eritreans you are an “Abissinian” as your name indicates. Go burn in that hell known as TIGRAI. The place where the chiwawa agame has turned into MISERY! Eritrea is perfectly fine and happy with the LION OF NACFA leading it. Mind your business and get a life.
          Thank you (do you even deserve to be thanked!)but again we ERITREANS are the coolest, wisest and kindest people and we are taken as weak because we believe in justice for all. 

  • KenyaIsGreat

    some guys are barking   and  shouting for nothing… the report talking about one point and about a news heard for one week,
    this report is not a report for the whole years…
    so make your voice down and as the tyrant regime  is still a friend of the terrorist group.
    i wish to see the terrorist group is destroyed  so that  i will eager to see the face of the Eritrean leader…
    what  i wonder me  is that why is Eritrea always get wrong in this horn africa? while
    Kenya,Ethiopia,Sudan,Djubiti are getting right and  trying their best to restore peace to horn africa.
    wish to the horn africa peace and development and death to alshabab and his friend Eritrea

    • Adhanomd

      hey you don’t know nothing mr xyz. the western puppet governments like kenya,ethiopia are the one

      destabilizing east afica. go teach your self mr ignorant.

  • Zx

    The way some ethiopians are responding here to simple and clear facts is proof that the ambassador is right. Ethiopia should be put in its place for peace to reign in the region.

  • Goitom T

    Wedi Eri!!! ViVa Eritrea!!! Every one should know that Eritrea is the only country to counter terrorism in the east africa. But no one needs such transparncy and truthfull people. So be aware all Kenyans why those drams was mare and by whom. its sham for the drama makers but victory for those who eagers Peace and stability.
    long live to peace full Eritrea!!
    Goitom Tesfay,

  • Abebe

    I’m not Eritrean and never believed most of the fabrication about Eritrea trying to destabilize East Africa. But one thing is true Eritrea is under dictatorial regime with no constitution. Before anything Eritrea should respect its own citizens and implement the constitution. This way Eritrea can get real respect from the international media. Eritrea needs move on implementing the constitution and held democratic election.

  • Erina natey

    eri adey tehamayt koynkiy …zmese ymsa alenalkiy

  • Oooooo

    Eritreans are not surprised by this news, they have known all along it was pure fabrication by the minority genocidal clique in Ethiopia and imprudently advanced by the notoriously corrupt Kenyan politicians who now appear to be exposed for compromising the security and serenity of the Kenyan population.
    While this latest un report is positive and can serve to educate the gullible few, Eritreans have already moved on, as the Eritrean saying goes “the camels keep on marching while the dogs keep on barking.”
    Secret Wikileaks Cable Reveals Recent Bombings in Addis Ababa the Work of the Woyane minority regime in Ethiopia
      The report from a 2006 US Embassy cable reference id: #06ADDISABABA2708, said:
    “An embassy source, as well as clandestine reporting, suggests that the bombing may have in fact been the work of the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) security forces.”
    The Wikileaks report goes on,
    “A typically reliable information source contacted Post to report that” the bodies of three men found at the bomb sites were “men [who] had been picked up by police a week prior, kept in detention and tortured. He said police then left the men in a house and detonated explosives nearby, killing 3 of them.”

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