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  • baraza

    Miguna should be given security otherwise Raila will kill him for spilling the beans.

    Snapshots of the interview:Raila is a conmanHe has worked closely with Raila, knows him better than other Kenyans and would never vote for him
    Raila’s popularity in opinion polls is plummeting and he will continue to lose popularity. Miguna says that at this time in 2007, Raila should know that Kalonzo was the most popular candidate so Raila is on the same path to destruction.A Raila presidency would be bad, tragic for Kenya

  • Loitakole

           It is also possible that Miguna has been paid a lot of money to through mad at Raila. However, Kenyans are much smarter than what is apparent they know what is lies and what is true. Last but not least if you think that intelligence is only the property of some people then you are mistaken. The question is if we make use of all we have for the good of our country then that is good. However, if we entertain prejudice because of our fears then it is going to be a thorn in the flesh of our country, and will make the time taken for us to achieve development long.
           So don’t tell stop Kenyans from contributing to the development of country, we need unity since it strength. Umoja in nguvu na itatusaidia sana, so let us keep it. Let us remain Kenyan all the time and every where. Together we stand apart we fall.

  • baraza

    Miguna has not been paid ,Facts.Raila Odinga perfects nepotism and favouritism.
    SAY NO TO IMPUNITY! Raila appointed his brother Oburu assistant minister;  cousin Jakoyo Chief whip; his sister Wenwa ambassador; his cousin Orege PS, Jakoyo’s brother-in-law Odembo ambassador; his cousin Gondi executive chairman Geothermal (where billions have been stolen already); his distant relative Ayacko chairman of Kenya Neuclear Comm; his relative Ouko auditor general; his cousin Ager deputy MD KPLC, his relative Onyango Sika PS; his other relative Kasongo head of NSSF, 

  • Elijahnyangwara

    Baraza with this facts as a patriot ,report to the relevant authorities or go to court as an aggrieved citizen

  • OjingaOshenzi

    This is vintage Ojinga. Speaking before you think. he has not even considered the fact that there might be a deadlock in their discussions and the poll date will only be known in august. Who advises this fool? 

    • Peterkiarie

      think you are the fool not him

  • Jaokob

    People like baraza are the kind that made this country almost went to the a byss.Pls you are a disgrace to the people you purport to support

  • baraza

     Raila should respect the people of this great country and not treat them like amnesiac idiots: who was responsible for assembling and propagating the satanic murderous negative ethnicity strategy of 41 against 1, whose key agenda it was to decimate the Kikuyu/GEMA; and what is the relationship between that evil strategy and the PEV, and all the concomitant events that followed? Should the PM not bear the greatest political responsibility, as Kenyatta said at the ICC, and/or political as well as criminal responsibility, for the same?

    • Jaokob

      Wonder what the personal bitterness is all about! pray for you to take heart for your perceived facts are just but shallow but stupid hatred theatrics for people in another world….

  • baraza

    Raila has no kikuyu this and kikuyu that to talk about. He has realized that after 5 years of being at the helm, kuongoza inchi sio kama kwenda choo. He has been implicated in numerous scandals.

    Miguna has called him out as a conman. 

  • Ruthy-val

    Is dissolving the coalition Government really the only way for the Kenyan elections to take place? Or is there any other solution to the elections?

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