#CarNews: What makes a Concours car?


Africa’s finest classic car event, CBA Africa Concours D’Elegance, is returning on Sunday, September 27th, at Ngong Racecourse Grounds, Nairobi, Kenya. But what makes a Concours-worthy car?

A concours d’elegance is literally an automotive contest of elegance. To contend in the CBA Africa Concours D’Elegance an automobile must be a well preserved or accurately restored vehicle still quite capable of doing what it was meant to do—be driven. It will almost certainly have some historic value and it will be rare. Above all, it must be elegant. And elegance is a matter of the eye and the heart.

At this year’s CBA Africa Concours D’Elegance, the field is limited to 70 cars and 40 motorcycles on a first come first served basis. The entries in the Concours are always of a high standard. Among the past overall car winners are a 1928 Chevrolet, a 1928 Ford, a 1926 Fiat, a 1934 Alvis Firefly, a 1934 Railton, a 1951 Daimler DB 18 Barker and a 1952 MGTD.

Judging is based entirely on cleanliness and condition and there are bonus points for age. As the Concours is open to all makes and types of cars and motorcycles, it is not possible to assess originality and this characteristic is not taken into consideration.

2015 CBA Africa Concours D’Elegance tickets are available on Ticketsasa.com, Capital FM, Sarova Panafric, Sarova Stanley, and all CBA branches in Nairobi and Thika. For more information, check out the official Facebook page.

CBA Africa Concours D’Elegance 2015 Regulations

Any normal roadworthy car, utility vehicle, or motorcycle made in 2012, or earlier is eligible to compete, but buggies are excluded.

The normal entry fee is Kshs. 3,500 per vehicle. The late entry fee is Kshs. 7,000 per vehicle. Competitors entering more than one vehicle will pay a fee of 3,000 shillings (or 6,000 shillings in the case of late entries) for each of the additional entries.

Entries at normal fees will be accepted forthwith, and up to noon on Friday September 11th, 2015. Provided there are vacancies, late entries will be accepted up to noon on Wednesday September 16th, 2015 and no changes are allowed after the final closure of entries at noon on Wednesday September 16th, 2015.

Each entry must be accompanied by a photocopy of the vehicle log book, or some other form of proof of age.

The event will consist of the following classes:

1.Utility vehicles (including old style four wheel drive vehicles, double cabs, mini buses and pick-ups and light trucks up to 2 tonnes).

2.Utility vehicles (made in 1990, or earlier)

3.Touring cars and station wagons up to 1,000 cc.

4.Touring cars and station wagons from 1,001 cc to 1,300 cc.

5.Touring cars and station wagons from 1,301 cc to 1,600 cc.

6.Touring cars and station wagons from 1,601 cc to 1,800 cc

7.Touring cars and station wagons from 1,801 cc to 2,000 cc.

8.Touring cars and station wagons from 2,001 cc to 3,000 cc.

9.Touring cars and station wagons from 3,001 cc to 4,000cc.

10.Touring cars and station wagons over 4,000cc

11.Rally, or racing cars (in rally, or racing trim).

12.Open sports cars (convertibles with folding roofs)

13.Veteran, vintage and post vintage cars made up to December 31st, 1940.

14.Street motorcycles up to 350 cc.

15.Street motorcycles from 351 cc. to 650 cc.

16.Street motorcycles from 651 cc. to 900 cc.

17.Street motorcycles from 901 cc. to 1,200 cc.

18.Street motorcycles over 1,200 cc

19.Trail and Enduro motorcycles

20.Competition motorcycles (including racing, motocross and trial bikes).

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