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  • Apeteonyango

      terrible happening

  • Guga

    ooh my God!. We are doomed now as a nation. This prooves how our country is insecure.

  • Gugagodfrey

    The kenyan military need to be cleaned up!. Look now at the embarrasement story Major Chirchir has showed to the world. Now we cannot know the real story behind the war. Sometimes he say kenyan military has killed more than 1000 al shabaabs, sometimes 700…Lol Where is this going now and yet the same attacks are still on. What a failier and the Government is not talking a bout it. Kenya is going to be baddddddddddd as i can see.

  • Mwaniki Zackaria

    @d5b49aae63a7b165b0710e3f3ae44429:disqus whose side are you on. Are you happy to see Somalia becoming governable? Is rampant piracy and kidnappings OK?

  • Response time to critical threats in Kenya is wanting. issued a very comprehensive analysis of possible terror targets with restaurants/facilities used/frequented by police officers listed as one of the targets……does it mean that Kenyan security apparatus is devoid of rapid response to critical threats besides able to do counter intelligence to preempt threats?…..its very disturbing!!  

  • You wipe out one group and three more appear. And, no, commiting genocide is not the solution. First of all, we have no business trying to change their culture. And are we really helping them? If 99% of the money we give them goes to a military solution and 1% to an economic one, we are not even replacing what was destroyed with the 99%. Take a step back and look at the reality on the ground.

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