When a man loves his family…

1. He loves his wife dearly. She is the only partner he has in raising his family.

2. He works hard. He is a provider.

3. He plays his role in choosing the right contraceptives. Family planning should not be left to the wife alone.


4. He tries to come home early to be with his family. His family is priority. To know what a man values, check what consumes his time.

5. He establishes a vision for his family together with his wife. His family never suffers a leadership crisis.

6. He treats his wife well, he never beats her, abuse her, cheat on her or destroy her. If his wife is hurting, the family hurts.

7. He is available and within reach to his children. His fatherly presence at home is felt.

8. Together with his wife, he saves up for the future of his family. The two make sound investments, the family is financially healthy.

9. He works out, eats right, avoids drugs and toxins in his body because he wants to live healthy and long for his family. His family needs him healthy.

10. He makes time to eat with his family at the dinner table. Dad has to be there.

11. He establishes and models family values. The children grow up to be adults who say “My dad taught me to be hardworking, to be of integrity and giving”.

12. He is involved in the children’s life and progress. He goes for the parent’s day, sports day, pays attention to the children’s academics and talents.

13. He prays for his family. He knows he needs God to be the best dad and to raise his children the right way. As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.

14. He protects his family from slander, interference, affairs, attacks and destruction. You don’t mess with his family.

15. He keeps a good reputation. His family carries his name and his family should never be put to shame.

16. He challenges, stretches and mentors his children to prepare them for adult life.

17. If he starts a family business, he prepares his children to be a part of it.

18. He chooses his friends well. Many men have destroyed their family because of the wrong company they keep.


19. Together with his wife, he strives to give his family security. Security of a home, good education, good neighborhood and living standards

20. He leaves behind a legacy his children will be proud of.

21. His wife ages gracefully, she couldn’t ask for a better life partner. He is the best choice for a husband.

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