How to dress your bum to look bigger


Hey there lady, might you happen to have 99 problems and a flat bum being one of them? Well… fret not for there’s help! Not so far below you will find some fabulous tips that will have you looking all curvy and sexy without  having those expensive butt jobs done on you or doing those squats challenges that have  you working your gluteal muscles like your life depends on it. (The latter promises amazing  results and should have a place in your busy day’s schedule).  There are clothing tricks up my sleeve. You can dress your  bum in a way that will make it look like it actually exists.

#Pick the right pants

*Think Skinny jeans

*The right pants will make your butt look curvier and perkier.  To achieve this you must pick p ants that have a tight fitting as baggy pants will just make your bum non-existent*2 .

*Pick pants with the right pocket placement. Smaller pockets placed slightly higher than usual will do the trick. It also helps if the these pants have some embroidery or sequins going on on the pockets as this helps draw some interest  to that area which you are trying to accentuate.


*Baggy jeans that do not have pockets or tight jeans that have big pockets that are wide apart should be avoided like the plague for they will make your behind look like a wall.

*Low rise jeans can give the illusion that your derriere is curvier than it actually is.

*High waist pants also work magic as they hug the smallest part of your waist making your waist appear smaller hence giving your butt a chance to shine with curves.

#2. Wear high heels

*Think Stilettos.

This choice of footwear will make your butt and boobs protrude further from your body. This is because heels have a way of changing the natural curve Z54049-BK_Y51506-DW_Z12983-TA.081of your spine.

#3. Cinch that waist in

*Think wasps.

The not so secret trick here is that if you cinch in your waist, your waistline will appear smaller while your derriere gets to look curvier than it actually is. Think

Wear your belt at the smallest part of your waist.

You could also wear a girdle if you are bulkier and don’t exactly have a waistline, this will have the same effect as a cinched in waistline.

If all these don’t work for you could try wearing a butt enhancing shape wear or butt pads.

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