Go sugarless and prevent weight gain


(By Shenrina Badri) An easy way to prevent gaining some weight is to go sugarless on the foods that you eat very often.

Do you enjoy consuming certain foods regularly? If you do, and want to try to prevent gaining some weight, then consider purchasing sugarless alternatives of the food.

For example, if you enjoy having dried fruit daily then opt for the ones that are not coated in sugar. If you have a few pieces daily, imagine how many calories you would avoid by the end of the week!

You could also try having different varieties of the food. For example, in the case of dried fruit, if you usually have just the apricot variety, try some apple or pear. Alternating flavours may distract you from noticing the lack of sugar. Banana chips are also very delicious! So give them a try and enjoy a trim waistline!

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