Will Sam Smith be singing theme Bond song?


Sam Smith 4

Sam Smith dropped the biggest hint yet that he’s recorded the new James Bond anthem.

The ‘I’m Not the Only One’, who has long been rumoured to sing the theme song for ‘SPECTRE’, seemingly confirmed the news by posting a picture of him wearing a ring emblazoned with the logo of the titular crime organisation seen in the film.

The ring’s symbol is synonymous with evil group SPECTRE, which stands for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

Sam, 23, follows in the footsteps of Adele, whose 2012 song ‘Skyfall’ – recorded for the film of the same name – won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

The Grammy Award winner recently denied he’ll be lending his soaring vocals to the song.

Asked on BBC Radio 2 whether he’s currently working on the 007 music, he said: “That’s not me. That’s definitely not me. I’ve still got loads to do, I’ve got an Australia tour, but I kind of finish in December which is great, it gives me a chance to be in London, be in my home and go out with my friends.”

‘SPECTRE’, starring Daniel Craig and directed by Sam Mendes, is due for release next month.


  • peter

    keep on updating us please

  • Potsyula

    It would be unfair if the ICC cases for Kenya are not confirmed. It is true people were killed, raped and displaced. We still have IDSs in Kenya as I make this comment. We know of meetings that took places to raise funds to support the killers and rapists. We saw the police shoot and kill the protestors. Surely, how can theses miss confirmation?
    Concerned Kenyan.

    • Mkenya Mtulivu

      If in deed thy did do it who did it!i mean i cnt come telling pple to go kill yet thy got their brains to think,believe me it might happen this year,i dont knw wat will happen coz just myb the ocampo six will be in the hague.whom will u pick next.siasa mbaya maisha mbaya.

    • K3faustine

      then u mean they committed all the ills????? just wonder if u were in the country at time?…….. u are an hypocrite!

  • Gitahi

    always remember that we need justice for the victims at all costs

  • In November and December 2011, political violence was witnessed during
    ODM party elections. Deaths and injuries were reported and the political
    leadership responded mildly…….

    When the Waki report was sent to the ICC, the facts heavily relied on
    information gathered from emotional and politically divided Kenyans and

    Here NSIS agents failed to counter this since a problem of herding is
    said to arise when a rational agent (NSIS and those involved in the investigations) decides that a (coarse) body
    of public information outweighs his own contradictory private

    A herding problem arose at ICC when the prosecutor who we can refer to as the “intelligence analysts” confronted a
    consensus judgment based on many sources. Unbeknownst to the analyst,
    the judgment was based on the same ultimate source. This effect is
    amplified if analysts systematically underestimate the likelihood of
    repetition this is known as intelligence failure and the ramifications are catastrophic….i.e ICC case.

    There are no charges but an ambivalent constrains of bounded rationality….the correlation between 2011 ODM violence and the 2007 PEV should be enough evidence that the problem is inherent in the socio-politico system in Kenya….common crime intelligence analysis is conducting limited brainstorming on
    the basis of previous analysis hence procuring the bias to confirm
    earlier views besides validating or dismissing data…

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