New, revealing OJ Simpson documentary to premier in October

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There’s no denying that people more often than not inhabit an insatiable curiosity around public trials, especially ones that involve celebrities. Some may be a little more morbid than others but for the most part, questions like “Why?”, “How?” and “Now what?” take over conversations across homes.

Few cases have stirred as much public interest as OJ Simpson’s 1994 criminal trial where the famous professional football star was accused of murdering his ex wife (parallels of which can be seen in Oscar Pistorius’ case) and a waiter. As you probably recall, he adamantly denied both counts of murder despite overwhelming evidence against him and shock swept the world when eight months later, he was acquitted.

But questions around his trial still linger in many people’s minds – something that A+E Networks is attempting to address in their two new compelling documentaries to be released on DSTV’s Crime Investigation channel.

Photo c/o of Tatiana Karanja
Photo c/o of Tatiana Karanja

Williams-Robbins, Head of Communications at A+E Networks, revealed the two shows as The Secret Tapes of the OJ Case: The Untold Story (premiering 6th October, 21h00) and OJ Speaks: The Hidden Tapes (airing 13 October, 21h00) in a recent conference in Mauritius. She says’ “[the two shows] are based on exclusive and largely never-before-heard recordings of OJ Simpson and others involved in the criminal and the civil case[…]”

The release of the two programmes is set coincide with the 20th anniversary of the verdict and includes never before seen clips. “He’s essentially making a suicide tape,” Rachel Job, Director of Programming for History teased when asked what to expect from the documentaries.

If you’ve been living with unanswered questions, look out for the documentary in the next few weeks.

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