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  • karisdom

    The people who should offer the evidence is the village market management by offering the commission the tape recorded by security cameras.If it is true the  DCJ bought the medicines, went to the car and instead of leaving, went back to the guard  with a pistol,then,she should be shown the door.

  • Francis

    What a shame! that the CJ could not mention the name of a poor innocent victim in this case and offer before hand an apology on behave of the judiciary (veracity of the accusations notwithstanding) is shameful.An innocent Kenya is terrorized in broad-daylight by a senior member of the judiciary and all you do is talk about cmt? The fact that DCJ has allowed the matter to come to this stage is enough reason that she should have vacated office last week.Amb. Kiplagat was hounded out of office by NGO THUGS with unfounded accusations about things that he had nothing to do with-but a gun-welding  DCJ is in office? For FIDA- you can all go and buy a face-mask-you are a walking shame.You have shown your true colors-group of big-hotel eating SISTERS who have no room for the poor KERUBO.All you want are jobs for yourselves in the name of gender equality but not social equality/justice.You have used the name of poor women to enrich and secure favors for yourselves but care less about the poor women languishing in poverty in slums and villages across our country.The NGO big-mouths and talking-head media commentator dolls have all put their tails between their legs and left KERUBO to be terrorized and made fun of.I wrote on this forum that the talk about new constitution was all empty air driven by elites who wanted “PRESIDENTIAL POWERS DEVOLVED TO THEM” so that they can STICK THE BIG AND SMALL ONES TO KENYANS-I thought i was wrong!.I would rather we had one center of power so that many Kenyans do not have to go to college “TO KNOW PEOPLE- KUJUA WATU”. Today marks the darkest day of the new judiciary-WHAT A TRAGEDY-IF THE DCJ DID NOT OWN UP AND SAVE THE JUDICIARY THE SHAME THEN THATS THE END.    

  • Maddo Wanyex

    We all can feel the repercussions of gender equality

  • Mwamko Mpya

    The DCJ saga has 4 elements: 1) VIP security 2) Competences of our Guards and Police 3) Resolution of issues

    I do not want to comment on the DCJ behaviour which is already under probe but it is important to note that security arrangements for our VIPs needs improvement; our guards and policemen need to be thoroughly trained; and as a nation, we need to train all citizens in resolution of issues without politicising them. Just relive this scenario: DCJ walks past a security desk, guard insists on screening, DCJ castigates her for not recognizing a VIP, she retorts that she does not care who the DCJ is and DCJ responds in a manner(s) that are now under probe.

    Really, the guard was doing her job but the moment the DCJ castigated her for not recognizing the DCJ, she should have changed tact and at worst referred the issue to superiors. The DCJ should have left her guard and and driver to resolve the issue with the guard and at worst management of the establshment. VIPs while in public places should not be far from their security details.

    These are pointers to the casual manner in which we handle our security. No wonder the country suffers security alerts every now and then. Surely, A COUNTRY THAT CANNOT ENSURE SECURITY FOR ITS DCJ IS A COUNTRY THAT CANNOT ENSURE DECENT SECURITY FOR ITS VISITORS, TOURISTS AND INVESTORS.
    My question is: What was the role of the VIP protection unit in this saga? The DCJ and the Village Market guard
    found themselves victims of GLARING OMMISSIONS by the country’s security organs.

    As we change our governance structure, the role of security organs in ensuring security for the people who have the heavy responsibility of implementing reforms and the new constitition must be called into question. Kenyans are not interested in Ommisions and Commissions regarding security of all and for public officials.

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