Choose your calories for weight loss


by Shenrina Badri

Choose your calories wisely when consuming meals and snacks on a daily basis.

Weight gain, or weight loss for that matter, basically deals with the number of calories you take in or consume as well as the number that you burn off.

When choosing what to eat, be sure to select healthy, fresh plant options which offer great nutrition for your body and sufficient energy to get you through the following few hours. Keep your meals balanced as well as appetizing and try to include foods from all the basic food groups when preparing your meals for the day.

A simple way to eat healthily is to swap an unhealthy or junk food for a healthy food. Most people tend to consume junk foods between meals as snacks. So if you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar the next time you need a snack, try exchanging it for a delicious fruit instead. Both offer you a sweet and delicious taste, but the fruit will not only be healthy for your body – it will be lower in calories too, as it does not contain the unhealthy fat found in junk food snacks!

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