Yikes! Is this what quarter-life crisis feels like?

Woman pulling her hair out

(Shiro Maina) I have a secret. A secret so deep that even my dear mum has no clue I carry it. You know how mums have this sixth sense of finding out what you are hiding…right?

I have carried this since I was a child, well before my brain was fully developed to handle the complications that came with this secret. I was yet to understand the ways of this world or what was expected of me.

I do not know where my life is going!

It was not until a few years ago, three to be precise that I learnt I was not the only one bearing this secret. It becomes worse when you hit your twenties and you are suddenly expected to have your life together, not!


The world seems to turn on its head when you hit twenty and you suddenly have to worry about things only your parents should. It’s even worse if you’re one of those people who finished high school at 16 like I did. Somehow the youngest person in the room is more experienced than her seniors.

Here’s the thing world, we don’t have everything figured out!! Being in your twenties is like being stuck in limbo. You are expected to have fun like you’re still in your teens but then everyone also expects you to behave like a grown up! Pick one struggle you stupid universe!

You have to keep your high school and childhood friends on one arm and your older, ‘parent’ friends on the other. Those who already have kids treat you like you’re one of them while the younger ones don’t let you forget where you came from. It’s really hard to keep up. Not every person has this struggle though; a few people look focused from primary school with a defined direction in life. Showoffs!

Fret not the rest of us common folk, there is hope. A light the end of the tunnel. A solution to our big problem. Enjoy your twenties, feel free to make mistakes. Take whichever side you want to take. Do not rush to figure out everything all at once. Don’t kill your precious brain cells with worry.

It will work itself out.

The universe has a solution, it always does.

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