#SusanEats: Pablo’s at Best Western Premier

pablos restaurant nairobi kenya susan wong

With more than 4,000 hotels in the world, the Best Western hotel brand has progressively grown their offering to include more amenities and features, which has also been translated in culinary experience.

In Nairobi, Best Western Premier allows guests to experience the hotel brand in a whole new light through a refined atmosphere and style, comfort, and international culinary spread at Pablo’s Restaurant – the hotel’s flagship ground floor restaurant.

The menu at Pablo’s reflects its popularity amongst their clientele of international business professionals who are usually looking for a memorable meal but not for the formality or drawn-out 6-course affairs.

Globes of light fixtures beautifully wash the bar area, accentuating the eggshell brick wall that anchors the room and dark wooden trim. The high ceilings and over-sized floor to ceiling windows invite plentiful natural lighting. The outdoor seating area is covered by a canopy protecting guests from unexpected Nairobi rain showers.

To begin there was the Seafood Chowder (Sh 600), a chunky and rustic interpretation with diced vegetables, prawns and fish. The garnish of a sprig of rosemary overpowered otherwise a delicately flavoured hearty rendition that I quite enjoyed. The largest plate of Crispy Calamari (Sh 950), deep-fried until golden brown, arrived with Horseradish Tartare Sauce and a fresh lime for a bit of zing and garnish. The ring segments were quite thick, which gave the diner a different experience – rather than small bitings to snack on, Pablo’s version was more meaty and filling.

For hungry lunch-goers, you can’t really go wrong with fried chicken unless you’re a vegetarian. There’s nothing revolutionary about Pablo’s Chicken Schnitzel (Sh 1,050), but a great schnitzel comes down to the small details that will keep the chicken breast juicy, tender and plump. Pablo’s was exactly that and more, arriving to the table with a crispy thin layer of breadcrumbs, sliced and garnished with lime and rosemary. The Hawaiian Pollo Pizza (Sh 1,300) was a surprising hit with its homemade tomato concasse, bell peppers, chicken, pineapple and mozzarella cheese. I’m usually not a big fan of placing pineapples on to pizzas, but Pablo’s version was well-balanced in flavours and it didn’t taste like a fruit salad on top of dough.

Soufflés are often temperamental to execute, but when done correctly the results can be ethereal. To finish, the classic Chocolate Soufflé (Sh 750) arrived with a molten center, a springy exterior with a bit of a crunch on the top, and most importantly, light and airy. If you’re in a rush, make sure you place your order 15 minutes earlier.

The staff were very accommodating and efficient; but since Pablo’s is located inside a hotel, and an international franchise at that, poor service would be unforgivable. Pablo’s elevates easy-dining with just enough personality to contemporary with an international flare that’s steadily winning palates one at a time. If you’re in the Hurlingham area, why not give Pablo’s a la carte menu a try?

Pablo’s Restaurant, Best Western Premier, Argwings Kodhek Rd, Hurlingham, Nairobi, Kenya. Reservation : +254 20 2927000 Hours of Operation : 6.30 am -10.30 pm http://bestwestern.co.ke/portfolio/pablos-restaurant/

pablo restaurant nairobi kenya susan wong

pablo restaurant nairobi kenya susan wong

pablo restaurant nairobi kenya susan wong

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