New Words: Feeling hangry? It’ll soon be wine o’clock


Don’t worry if you’re feeling hangry, you could nibble on barbacoa and freekeh until wine o’clock. That would be awesomesauce.

Oxford University Press on Thursday announced its quarterly update to — and it includes a larder full of words on food and drink.

If you’re tempted to check out your local cat cafe or fast-casual restaurant, make sure they don’t charge you cakeage (charge for serving a cake they have not supplied themselves).

The news agenda is also reflected in the new definitions, with Grexit and Brexit (the potential withdrawal of Greece and Britain from the eurozone) making an appearance, along with deradicalization, microaggression, and social justice warrior.

Technology and popular culture remain strong influences on language, and are reflected in new entries including rage quit, Redditor and subreddit, spear phishing and blockchain. This quarter also sees the addition of the words mecha, pwnage, and kayfabe.

“New words, senses, and phrases are added to when we have gathered enough independent evidence from a wide range of sources to be sure that they have widespread currency in the English language,” said Angus Stevenson of Oxford Dictionaries.

So if you are bad tempered as a result of missing a meal (hangry), you could nibble on slow-cooked shredded meat (barbacoa) or a cereal made from unripened wheat (freekeh) until it is an appropriate time for a drink.

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