Samsung’s SUHD TV recognized at International Design Awards


Samsung Electronics’ curved SUHD TV was among the company’s 31 products that made it to the finals of the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2015, one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions.

The device which was launched in Kenya back in June surpasses the limitations of previous displays, delivering superior picture quality with stunning contrast, striking brightness and spectacular color.

Its stylish curved design provides viewers with a more immersive viewing experience and its Smart TV functions are now powered by the operating system Tizen, giving viewers easy access to their favorite content.

Samsung’s innovativeness also helped the company receive eight awards across various categories including one gold award, three silver awards and four bronze awards.

The categories ranged from home appliances to mobile phone accessories such as the virtual reality headset, the Gear VR.

Other winners include a dishwasher with a new water spraying mechanism, and the LED Flip Wallet.

The NX mini, a mirror less camera with an exchangeable lens won the gold award. Silver was awarded to the Waterwall Dishwasher, the LED Flip wallet- the world’s first smartphone cover that displays information and messages from a smartphone with its LED display and the Digital Appliance Design Philosophy Framework.

Bronze was awarded to the Wireless Audio – 360 portable, Hotblast™ Microwave oven, and the Personal Cooler, a portable personal cooler that is easy to move thanks to its handle. It does not require an outdoor unit to operate.

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