#10Questions: South Africa’s soulful trio, Mi Casa

Koroga-8-A3-poster-Landscape MI CASA

The soulful Mi Casa trio – Dr. Duda, J’Something and Mo-T – are in Nairobi, Kenya ahead of Sunday’s Koroga Festival.

The 5-time South African Music Awards Winners will be joined by Webi, and Suzanna Owiyo at Nairobi’s urban oasis, Arboretum Gardens, on Sunday, 23rd of August, 2015.

Capital Lifestyle sat down with Mi Casa for an exclusive, quick round of #10Questions earlier today!


What is your screensaver?

Dr. Duda: Actually hands…it was taken at my house at the pool. One of my family members’ hands.

Mo-T: My wife.

J’Something: The guys [Mi Casa]

Live today like it’s your last or live today like it’s your first?

Dr. Duda: First

Mo-T: Last

J’Something: Last

What’s your favourite dish?

Dr. Duda: What I always think about…Ox tail!

Mo-T: Mala mogodu (tripe)

J’Something: Portuguese Chicken

What is the worst thing anyone’s said to you?

Dr. Duda: You’ll never loose your belly

Mo-T:You’ll always be short like a midget

J’Something: Music will never work out

Ghandi or Martin Luther King?

Dr. Duda: Martin Luther King

Mo-T:Martin Luther King

J’Something: Martin Luther King

What is your most treasured possession?

Dr. Duda: Saxophone

Mo-T:Trumpet and my fingers

J’Something: My dog Charlie Brown – a bulldog

What is your favourite word?

Dr. Duda: L-O-V-E

Mo-T: God

J’Something: Beijo (“Kiss” in Portuguese)

What do you want to say to your parents?

Dr. Duda: I love them

Mo-T:I love you, forever and ever

J’Something: Thank you

What keeps you awake at night?

Dr. Duda: A song played on radio..a nice song

Mo-T: Our fans

J’Something: Probably excitement of a song or a moment in our career

How would you like to be remembered?

Dr. Duda: As the best producer in the world

Mo-T: As a happy person

J’Something: As a band that makes great music and a difference

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