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  • TooLittleTooLate

    The damage is already done. Miguna’s interviews attacking Raila will be replayed ad infinitum in the 2012 propaganda wars.

  • Anonymous

    same games as old politicians. we knew that his suspension was a short-time stunt.

  • Wamboimann

    Unlike many people in and around the office of the Prime Minister, I have never been involved in corruption.

    This vindicates what I have always held about Raila, that he is not “safi kama pamba” neither is his office corruption free.

    Miguna has just unleashed a jewel of information about the goings-on in Railas office which all point to the fact that Raila is sorrounded by corruption.

    Bwana miguna, tafadhali endelea kupayuka, we are liking what we are hearing.

  • Muriu J W

    Be very careful, the problem you have is that you are too intelligent for your boss to match and you are in that position as a result of being qualified. Not all deals  that seem to be good are good. Think about it please.

  • Miguna, I think it is good that you have now decided to take time and think on what to say pertaining this issue. Your comments when you received the suspension letter did only one thing; It proved that your boss was right. You were becoming too powerful and independent, therefore a liability.  Learn the art of being a civil servant. work like an efficient  engine delivery the car to it’s destination but never claim the victory. Always let your boss get the credit. Unless of course you want to challenge him politically. 

  • Hamundu khatiti

    Will he eat his vomit now that he is reappointed? Why didn’t he tell the world about corruption in Pm’s office while was still in office? 
    I look forward to seeing him on K24 again?

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