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  • Dsonguta

    Remember fellow Kenyans,narrow roads, vehicles and bad weather do not cause accidents. Accidents are caused by poorly trained drivers with negative attitudes and bad mentality, who do not exhibit defensive driving techniques. Once I heard the Kenyan Minister for Roads saying that the section of the road is narrow that is why the accidents do occur in that particular spot. What a nonsense, if a driver is well trained and able to make good judgement he/she should be able to know what to do when by-passing another vehicle along a narrow road. The speed limit should be lowered at that particular section of the road. Another incident was when a member of parliament travelling from Nairobi to Kisumu lost his wife due to road accident and the reason was that it was foggy he could not see far enough, his wife died on impact. A well trained driver will know what to do if he/she is in that situation. If you can not see far enough why do you drive fast, the best drive is one who can be able to drive through out his/her life without causing a single accident. Kenyans will continue to die on the roads due to poor training of drivers and Africans big man mentality. I appeal to all Kenyan drivers to be cautious and considerate when they use public roads. Posted by Jarateng in Toronto

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