#BeautyBar: How to apply foundation like a pro

Concealer tips

This foundation business can get very confusing, very quickly.

Just like fashion, the beauty world has its own shifts and trends that take season, mood and location into consideration as they adopt the next ‘it’ technique or product. But sometimes it can get a little overwhelming for newbies looking to experiment with makeup for the very first time.

Take for example the latest trend that’s creeping into the YouTube beauty guru’s techniques: baking. And no, I don’t mean the kitchen sort so put your spatulas down, ladies. It’s where women use translucent powder in excess to allow their foundation to warm up and sit a lot better on your skin, or so I hear. But that’s an article for another day.

Today I get to share with you some tips on how to apply foundation from one of the top makeup artists on the continent, Marco Louis. As MAC’s Resident Senior Makeup Artist (Africa), there’s no doubt he knows a thing or two about the world of beauty.

“Makeup today is all about enhancing what is already there and highlighting your best features.” says Louis when asked how to achieve the perfect, healthy-looking skin.

foundation tips

Here are some pro tips on applying foundation:

  1. It all starts with caring for your skin. Eating the right foods and using the right products is going to go a long way.“Your faoundation shouldn’t be doing so much work,” adds Louis. So don’t get lazy about your skin care ladies!
  2. Preparation matters. Moisturising and resurfacing your skin is extremely important as it will help with achieving the right effect – be it the perfect matte finish or healthy glow.
  3. Technique! Technique! Technique! All the best products in the world wouldn’t help you if you didn’t get the technique right. Understand the best tools to use (be it a stippling brush, beauty blender or flat foundation brush) and how to use them in order to get best results.
  4. Seal it off. Using a sealant (e.g. MAC’s Prep and Prime Fix+) is a great way to finish off your application. Spraying this mist will not only help keep your foundation in place but also provide a lovely glow!
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