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  • John Macharia

    Kabisa, Atwoli should be told to buy his own matatus and call a strike whenever he wants to exercise his mouth. This government has made Atwoli to appear larger than life 

    • Karisdom

      I   tell you the man is sick in the head.

  • Macharia kinldy don’t say that..atleast he speak’s for ths poor idiots who can’t speak/fight for their RIGHTS..whether the strike is on or not..the government has to do something abt ths fuel prices!!!

  • Nyakenda

    The strike is ill advised and meant to impoverish struggling Matatu owners yet he Atwoli pockets a cool over 3M every month. He can go call a strike in the seas we are not interested. MPs should at the same time disband the Energy Regulatory Commission as it has failed and is just a cartel of well oiled people. Let fuel prices be determined through market forces and not through the ERC cartel!

  • mahangaiko

    i have 50bob between me and poverty. sijui kama wataongeza fare jioni ama nitalala kwa stage……..

  • Mr. P

    Atwoli you may have people’s interests at heart but your EGO drives you. You should have known better

  • Joseph Ongeri

    Atwoli are you speaking from your inner heart?.People no longer trust you.You normally take us for a joyride.

  • Kimani

    Who does the Mbugua Matatu Welfare Association represent. We have a drivers and conductors Association and Matatu Owners Association with clear Mandates. Where is Mbugua. He always differ with other industry players. Matatu business is so dirty I won’t take pride in representing it.We know he is not a vehicle owner. Is he a tout (Makanga), driver or squad driver. If he is  leader as he claims he should take political responsibility of leading always misbehaving matatu crews

    Kimani a victim of Matatu madness

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