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  • Ombati2010

    Kenya has a lot of growing up to do. I cant believe at this age and time tribalism is still a major consideration in public  appointments. The guys knew that the report against Matemu was unfounded, but they wanted to use it as an excuse to get their own cronies appointed.
    Congratulations to Mr. Matemu.Kenya will surely now move forward in the fight against corruption.

  • Andrewnjeri

    This is a great step forward. Mps wanted their wives, husbands or close friends to be on top. Time to wipe those who are corrupt out and especially at a time like this as we get to elections……….

  • Bawazir

    Matemu has, on day one, lost the moral pedestle to fight corruption. His appointment somewhat points to a corrupt process, so he will have trully difficult moments lecturing anyone on corruption.
    Just look at Raila and Kibaki. The Prime Minister enjoys more moral acclaim as the ‘winner’ of the 2007 poll, and each time Kibaki and his men talk, they somehow exhibit an inferiority complex of sorts; they always know the world recognises Raila more, just like we all know O’mogeni beat this Matemu fellow in the interviews.
    Matemu will always be reminded of the fact that he flopped at the interview.

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