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  • Mazzdark

    Mr Uhuru Kenyatta and Family own one of Kenya’s major banks, self-interest and defense of the status quo is the expected default involuntary response from him…

  • Alilol

    How can a person accused of crimes against humanity,accused of Nakuru and Naivasha massacre be relied upon in making crucial deisions regarding financial issues of our beloved Kenya?
    I want someone to answer.

  • MP’s you must pass the finance bill otherwise you will not go for Christmas break……. House business is paramount and you must learn to give and take policy…… Taxation is paramount for payment of your salaries.

  • Alilajoe

    Seriously are some of leaders here for the good of Kenyans or for self benefit…….At time like these of Bad /Unbalanced economy Our Mp’s are still looking for ways to enrich themselves….why are they asking for Sh1.5 million for each year they have served in Parliament.And that will cost the tax payers approx Sh3.3 billion and a Sh16.6 billion for their 5 year term which we cant afford now and we still need better roads, Slam up gradation, new and improved medical facilities,security and more……The banks are looting kenyans which sounds like frofit to the likes of Uhuru Kenyatta coz they own one, Something need to be done now,the government has kind of improved I must admit..Kibaki and Raila would have worked together before 2002 we would have made tremendous steps……We want to avoid strikes like the ones that took place in Britain because the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider…Am happy that Kenya has woken up n never shall we be shielded with a dictator of any kind Thanks and God Bless Great country Kenya

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