What a “Matchmaker” looks like to Facebook


Single and tired of impersonal dating sites? Perhaps one of your friends might be able to introduce you to your future soulmate? After all, wouldn’t your friends know who to match you with best?

To understand more of what a “matchmaker” looks like, Facebook surveyed approximately 1500 English speakers around the world who had listed a relationship on their profile at least one year ago but no more than two years, asking them how they met their partner and who introduced them (if anyone). Then researchers analyzed network properties of couples and their matchmakers using de-identified, aggregated data.

Facebook found that matchmakers have more unconnected friends, approximately 8% more than the people they’re setting-up. Though matchmakers have more friends, their networks are less dense: their friends are less likely to know each other. Matchmakers were also close friends with the future couple. Matchmakers typically had 57 friends in common with either person in the future couple, amounting to about 6% of their pool of friends.

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