How to take care of your dreadlocks

Unlike other natural hair styles,maintaining dreadlocks is very different. They don’t need to be brushed nor  require regular trimming but need to be kept clean.

While other natural hair styles require combing to put stray hairs back in place, dreadlocks need to have stray hairs tucked back into the dread so they can dread up and lock with the rest of the hair. You’ll also notice that dreadlocks look better and better over time and as they continue to mature they become tighter and smoother and they require less maintenance. Your maintenance routine will vary depending on the age of your dreads and the method you used to start them.


Here are a few tips on how to care and maintain for your dreadlocks:


Locks tend to pick up lint and other fuzz’s, this is usually a big problem especially when you sleep, tying a scarf on your head will help keep lint and pillow feathers out of your hair.You could also opt for pillow cases and sheets that are lint free.


Whenever you wash your dreadlocks make sure you get them as dry as possible and avoid covering them in a way that they cannot dry, trust us, you really do not want to have your hair smelling like a dump towel.
When washing squeeze as much water as you can out of them, then proceed to drying with a dry towel or opt to blow dry them.


In order to ensure that your dreads are healthy and presentable, always try making regular visits the salon and consulting with your stylists. They are best placed to advice you and what maybe causing your locks to break, turn color and recommend on treatments and products that can be used to curb the problem.

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