#DidYouKnow: What are Chicken Tenders?


chicken tenders 2

What are Chicken Tenders? Are they super tender parts of the chicken? Sounds more like sausages made with chicken? Maybe it’s a name of a chicken dish – something similar to Chicken Fingers?

Chicken Tenders are parts of an actual chicken. Have you ever purchased chicken breasts and wondered what the small extra strips of meat on the underside were? Chicken Tenders.

Each chicken has two tenders, small strips of meat that attach to the underside of each breast. This cut of chicken is similar in location to tenderloins of beef and pork. Chicken Tenders are white meat and when cooked, its texture and flavour is similar to the breast, but since it doesn’t inherently have a lot of flavour, seasoning is key.

Its small size, approximately 4cm wide, makes them perfect for sautés and recipes where smaller pieces of white chicken meat are required. Grill and place them on a salad or deep-fry them in a batter for some crispy Chicken Fingers – the convenient size makes this cut of meat a great option for quick recipes.



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