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Sharon Mundia is the author of the award-winning, personal style blog, This Is Ess. As a fashion fanatic, beauty lover and home decor enthusiast, she will leave you wanting to revamp your closet, home and life in general.

  • Elijah Andika

    Our leaders seek medical attention from well paid doctors either in private hospitals or overseas hospitals where they spend a great fortune at the expense of Wanjiku the tax payer. A mere cough will find them boarding an expensive flight for them and their family members to a broad where they spend millions of shillings and worse still the money they demand for reimbursement is usually exaggerated! So to our leaders this strike is of no consequence sinse none of them seek medical attention from public hospitals. I think it is time for Wanjiku to rise up. For your information, the government feels more justified to spend millions of shillings on mere seats other than on striking doctors. The reduced price of one seat can enable me to buy three ecres of land in my rural home.

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