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  1. Avatar Otieno Mbare December 8th, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    It would be unfair and irresponsible for the parliamentary committee to ignore the plight of families that were senselessly and brutally ejected from their palatial homes in Syokimau under the guise that they had occupied that land illegally. The manner and ruthlessness meted on these families left many Kenyans wondering whether these Kenyan families could make a strong claim that they belong to this state! What we saw should be a lesson to everybody in this country. We belong to a culture where our decisions are erratic. This is one reason why people should be conversing and consulting more on issues of goverance more especially, during electioneering period. We become erratic and heuristic during such times when sober debate is necessary. If we had been debating the qualities that we would want to see in our leaders, most of these problems would have been avoided. The leaders you have elected have subjected you and your children to untold problems. The country is reeling on heavy debts but no one is questioning these extragants how much they are affected by the national deficit. Today, the common mwananchi can hardly afford most of the products sold across the country because your MP and your principals have made life so difficult that only their families and relatives can afford it! Therefore, one may ask, what’s the point of having a government or representatives?  


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