Your green juice with celery hangover remedy


The art of dealing with the morning after the night before can sometimes inspire many concoctions. But as the Romans discovered quite early on, celery stalks served as a good hangover remedy.

Feeling fatigued, experiencing headaches and muscle aches, feeling nauseated, having an elevated body temperature, being unable to sleep, having a rapid heartbeat and waking up to bloodshot eyes are only a few hangover symptoms that often affect drinkers.

Though after a long night, you may crave for greasy food; what your body really needs is to flush out all of the toxins from alcoholic drinks and recover through hydration and nutrients.

Enter green juice with an extra dose of celery!

Celery is packed with folic acid, calcium, potassium and vitamins. It helps regulate the fluid body and stimulate urine production, which flushes toxins from the system. Celery also contains alkaline minerals that help calm the nervous system and promote relaxation and quality of sleep.

Try the following juice recipe for a great way to snap out of a hangover in the morning!


4 celery stalks

1 green apple

4 kale leaves

2 sprigs of parsley

1 inch of ginger

2 carrots


Wash all produce.

Add ingredients to juicer.

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