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    Keep pressing on dear Docs….I’m waiting to see if the government will address the other 10 or so proposals. Is it possible for KMPDU to put up newspaper printouts of the 13 proposals so that the public is made aware of the fact that the Doc’s are not only striking for salary increments? The media is clearly not willing to bring this out.

  • We are fully behind the doctors strike! It’s parliament that started all this by inflating their salaries at every turn. Now you have to pay those who deserve a better pay in this country; these are the people who have spent a better part of their lives working hard to make this country a better place to live in. The government must explain why an illiterate or semi-literate individual should earn over 1,000,000 yet lecturers and doctors in this country are earning what house helps are earning! The people of Kenya must rise up and join the doctors and lecturers in their quest to be remunerated on a quantum merut basis! It’s time we sent this extravagant regime home – there is no point of waiting for elections when you have an insensitive government presiding over your national affairs. Too much corruption and extravagance has hindered efficient delivery of services in this country. A lot of money that should be channelled in other government departments that badly require it, is simply spent on travelling abroad. One is left wondering when these ministers really sit  and discharge their national duties when all we hear is, so and so is abroad! Kenyans should elect those who are willing to sit in their offices and discharge their duties. Hoew much does the country loose through this “executive tourism”? It’s upon Kenyans to decide whether you want to go all the way as if you don’t have any way out! 

    • Oludavin

      I totaly agree with u Mr. Otieno, the government should swallow it’s own bullet. They started it, now follows a series of strikes amd manifestations, after the Doctors, I’ll be starting the consumer boycott strike, high cost of living, hingh prices, high transport fares, high erything! How do people live in such a country? Only drug dealers or corrupt. How do expect the youth to live if not opt for crime. Vision 2030 just a white elephant…

  • Wmisumi

    Surely there must be a way to cut the salaries of these MP’s. This is because being an MP has stopped being about serving the people but lining the pockets. We need to reduce their salaries therefore leaving only people prepared to sacrifice and work for the greater good to take these offices. enough is enough – salary commission its now your mandate to equalise this society 

  • WanjikuM

    Take some money out of the MPs pockets and pay the doctors!!

  • Gatwirilk

    Doctors press on !. Aluta Continua!. Those with capacity to set their salaries set the precedent. There is no justification for Hecklers and air brained legislators working 3 days a week to carry away millions while hard working life savers continue to scavenge to survive. Do not give up, Kenyans understand and back you .

     I wonder where those lime light seekers always in Media supplements in Ministry of Health are.Why are they not visible to lead from the front?

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