Our2Cents Ep. 44: Health and exercise tips you could try


Our2Cents Ep44

The idea of working out six days a week or leaving your pasta behind for salads instead is hardly ever exciting to most people. That being said, there are different (and sometimes fun) things that you could add to your health regimen that will make it a little more exciting for you!

In this episode, Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong share some new tips that have been working for them and discover the power plate machine under the careful instructions of Renee, a qualified trainer at Revitalize Wellness Center.

Don’t forget to share any tips that you’ve taken up lately!


  • Ogsm

    who wil b commanding #KDF in Amisom, I think theaz was only one voice of reason in bunge 

  • Masha

    i think the strategy was slowed by the rains and the tactics- read human shield!

  • Wanambisi

    As a
    taxpayer, I am uncomfortable with our troops joining
    AMISON! The terms of engagement will change and this might GOD forbid be our undoing!

  • Origisam

    What happened to dismantling Al Shabaab’s network then leaving as the initial strategy wait r we now revising #operationlindanchi strategy to integrating with Amisom, what r we peacekeepers now?

  • Laban

    Defence Minister Hajji and Foreign Affairs Wetangula told the House that AU meeting later this month has to decide what mode of engagement #KDF will operate under #Amisom.
    This two minister should push and ensure we send our brothers and sister to front line with the required logistical support and resources.
    If we don`t get that guarantee then we should stick to the current game plan. Lets not forget the international community and more so the AU is notorious for abandoning people when things get thick. 

  • Kalonzo

    Mr Deputy speaker, if we start off right away with such a tone of rivarly; how Kenya has liberated more towns than Uganda, how Somalis have lost faith in Ugandans, the little gain we already have will be lost to Al Shabaab. If you were a soldier, you would know this. Speak for the Kenyan Government and not the Somalia government and the Ugandan government. Some somalis up to now are opposed to the incursion by our Country Kenya. Does it mean we should stress these negative voices at the cost of the bigger picture. Liberating Somalia doesnt need a co-wives syndrome displayed by our deputy speaker. In usual Somali style, i hope you dont divide our forces in Somalia by beginning to claim that the Infantry has worked more than the navy etc etc! Please mature up our Deputy Speaker. Somalia’s solution is our jointed brotherhood. Kalonzo Johnson

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